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Lanesville to finish school year May 15

Cap and gown distribution to take place
Lanesville to finish school year May 15 Lanesville to finish school year May 15
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

The Lanesville Community School Corp. met virtually last Tuesday for its monthly meeting to discuss how the current eLearning strategy was going and plans for moving forward to the upcoming school year.

Superintendent Steve Morris reported that all teachers have had virtual meetings with students and that most teachers have reported all students have checked in in some way. If the student hasn’t, staff have been making phone calls with those they can’t get in touch with.

Enrollment for next school year is taking place as well, with 72 new students enrolled for next year, 66 being kindergartners. Phone calls will be made in the latter part of May to ensure the student is, indeed, going to attend Lanesville, and then the schools will begin to look at staffing. Of  the 66 incoming kindergartners, only 10 of them are out of district or don’t have a connection to the school system.

According to Morris, at this time last year, there were 43 or 44 kindergarten students enrolled.

The last day of school for Lanesville students for the 2019-20 school year will be May 15, a bit earlier than May 28, the scheduled date prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The board discussed that one of the things sitting with a question mark is summer school programs, summer athletics and intercession.

“All of our summer programs and offerings will come down to the governor and the state board of health decisions for if they will take place or not,” Morris said. “Nothing has been decided as of now regarding those.”

An issue on many students’ minds is if a physical graduation would be a possibility for the 2020 senior class. All board members agreed that they would prefer to do it in person if possible and have set a tentative date for Aug. 8 to reschedule the in-person ceremony.

“In the meantime, we have to plan for a virtual graduation ceremony if the pandemic doesn’t subside,” Morris said. “A virtual graduation would have to be pre-recorded for people to watch at a certain time. We are still hoping for that in-person ceremony, however.”

The Lanesville Junior-Senior High School senior class will be able to pick up their caps and gowns at the school today (Wednesday) between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. Students are to stay in their vehicles, and the packet will be brought to each car.

Morris also noted that interviews for the assistant principal position at Lanesville Junior-Senior High will proceed while adhering to the social-distancing regulations. A selected committee will do the first round of interviews virtually. After that, the top candidates will meet with the board on May 13 in the school cafeteria to select the new assistant principal.

The Lanesville Community School Corp. Board of Trustees will meet again virtually on Tuesday, May 19, at 4 p.m.