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April 29, 2020

April 29, 2020 April 29, 2020

• I’m calling in about all these people that’s refusing to wear masks. You know, it’s one thing to not care about yourself, but, surely to God, you’ve got somebody in your family that loves you and that you love. You should be caring more about the other people that’s out here. They have families, too. They could take something back to someone else that they love or that loves them and cause them to die. I just think that these stores ought to start cracking down a little bit more, not about hoarding groceries necessarily, but they ought to put a note on the door and enforce it. You don’t wear a mask, you’re not coming in here because we have families, too. We don’t want to be sick.

• The hope of America is not the Republican party. The hope of America is not the Democratic party. Christ is the only answer.

• Waiting in my car with my mask on at Walmart to pick up groceries. Watching whole families get out of their vehicles with their children go in; no masks on. Now, you can’t tell me that … one of them couldn’t have stayed home with the kids …

• Sitting here watching “Austin City Limits” Saturday night. John Prine. Don’t see no earplugs in his ear or nothing. Ain’t missed a tune or anything else. What a national hero. God bless. Pray for his family.

Editor’s note: John Prine died April 7 from complications related to the novel coronavirus.

• Here I am, sitting around thinking again. You want to make masks and all that stuff? Why don’t you use tampons? That’s kind of sickening, but there you go. …

• I think I understand that to slow the spread of this virus we do the things scientists and doctors have suggested might work. I did try to do what is recommended. We all want this virus controlled and eventually conquered. Closing the inside of a recycling center or a barber or beauty salon though? The people who frequent the recycling center do keep a distance just by the placement of an inside bin. … These are responsible people who already try to do the right thing. They are recycling. Maybe in big cities it’s a problem, but here in our town, salons and barbers could schedule their appointments staggered and all I know are already social distancing with their colleagues. Their stylists and their customers could wear masks and, during wash, etc., customers could hold a mask over their face. These may not be considered essential business, but they certainly may be essential to mental health. It seems they could be opened safely.

• I just want to say I too think that Jimmy Kimmel is an idiot, and so is that other old guy, the one with the glasses. What’s his name? Stephen Colbert. He’s even worse.

• I’ve been in since March 20 and I feel pretty safe myself. I thought I would go drive around and not get out of the car, but just check things out. I went by Walmart and JayC store, and, I have to tell you, you would think there’s absolutely nothing wrong out here in the world.

• I think the president ought to step down because he can’t keep his mouth shut. His butt overruns his mouth. He don’t take anything serious. He’s always rephrasing himself. I voted for him for the simple reason that he was a businessman, I thought.

• I think it’s great that a movie star donates $100,000. But, someone that gets $20 million to do a picture? Isn’t that like you or I donating 50 cents?

• I so appreciate the good job that our president Donald Trump is doing. He’s facing a lot of adversity … Let’s all continue to pray for our good president that God will continue to give him wisdom and guidance.

• I can’t believe how many mailboxes have been destroyed in the area along the road, and it’s not from accidents. It’s somebody doing it on purpose.

• … Please, Town of Corydon employees, be considerate of what other people own and treat it as your own. I’d appreciate it so much.