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April 29, 2020

15 years ago

April 27, 2005

As a property of Evanite, Exide and now Daramic, the battery separator production plant in Harrison County Industrial Park has been among the nation’s most significant emitters of potential carcinogens for more than 15 years, according to Environmental Protection Agency data. The problem stems from emissions escaping through “fugitive leaks” in a closed system using trichloroethylene. Liquid TCE is heated and, as it evaporates, it causes tiny pores to develop in plastic membranes used in automotive batteries.

Due to pending budget woes, the North Harrison Community School Corp. Board of Trustees voted last week to reduce the number of certified staff by eight full-time positions and to close the upper elementary school. Fifth graders will return to the two elementary schools, while the sixth grade will be relocated to the middle school, where the seventh and eighth graders currently are located.

Based on test results from samples taken late last month, the county health department has determined that North Harrison Elementary School is safe. Reports from the Indiana State Dept. of Health and the Harrison County Health Dept. indicate levels of airborne fungal and bacterial counts were even lower than outdoor levels.

Floyd Central is one of the few high school baseball teams that charges fans for admission to its games. And for the charge, spectators who took in the match-up between the Highlanders and North Harrison last Wednesday got their money’s worth. With one out in the final inning, the Cougars loaded the bases and, eventually, scored one run. A weak ground-out to the pitcher closed out an otherwise thrilling game, 6-5.

Deaths: Howard Etienne, 80; Alice G. Leist, 82; Howard D. Baker, 57; Ethel M. Jacobs, 70; Willa M. Yagow, 71; Jacie Timberlake, 83; Maurice Kochert, 92; Delores L. McDonald, 71; Jessie J. DuBois, 91; Lisa D. Noland, 41; Lloyd L. Feller, 81.

25 years ago

May 3, 1995

A group of Harrison Countians are hoping to reduce teen violence and meet the needs of hundreds of youngsters here by openings a Big Brothers/Big Sisters satellite office. “We’ve been working on this since November,” said Bob Stem, president of the advisory council for the Harrison County Big Brothers/Big Sisters. The advisory council — which also includes probation workers, counselors, school administrators and business professionals — believes the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program can help keep the youngsters from getting in with the wrong crowd.

Harrison County officials will meet privately next week to discuss settlement of the lawsuit seeking reinstatement of former police chief Randy Orme. An offer has been received, Sheriff Clyde R. Sailor said at a special joint session of the council and commissioners Friday evening. The proposal includes reinstatement of Orme as a regular deputy and his seniority would be protected.

As the outcry for road improvements grows, Harrison County officials will look for ways to cut budgets to come up with money and discuss adopting a wheel tax. At a joint meeting of the council and commissioners Friday evening, Councilman Greg Albers said budgets should be looked at on a one-on-one basis to see if there’s room for savings. Albers said restricted budget hearings in the fall don’t allow enough time for close scrutiny.

The Corydon Central girls’ track team got through the North Harrison Invitational in winning style Friday night without any serious bumps or bruises, no small task considering the week they had. “We’re pretty beat up,” coach Michael Uhl said early in Friday’s meet, knowing his team was favored to win but not quite knowing what to expect. Two of his athletes were ill and expected to see limited action while another had been injured in a car accident earlier in the week and would be sidelined for the night.

Deaths: Nina H. Bliss, 89; Leo L. Sorg, 85; Walter Sage Jr., 73; Anna M. Johnson, 89; Angela M. Allen, 32; Alfred Wolfe Jr., 51; Leroy H. Williams, 66; Ruby L. Leister, 80; Larry R. Jaggers, 40; Kathleen Gottfried, 89; Oscar A. Fritz Sr., 83; William L. Miller, 51.

50 years ago

April 29, 1995

Campers filled the midway and all roads of the Harrison County Fairgrounds and enlivened the Corydon community Saturday and Sunday during the spring campout of the Indiana Chapter of the National Campers and Hikers Association.

The walls are going up for the new nursing home being erected here. Officers of National Nursing Homes Inc. said Monday that completion is scheduled for August.

Births: Boys —Tara Jones, Sandra Satterfield, Rose Mosier, Bonita Purcell, Barbara Radmacher; girl — Patricia Teater.

Deaths: Steven Duke, 19; Stanley Robson; Ora Goode, 77; Harriet Meriwether; Mabel V. Ireland; Debbie Edwards.

65 years ago

April 27, 1955

Matthew E. Welsh, Vincennes lawyer and state senator, will address the Corydon Central High School graduates at their commencement on May 17.

Eight Harrison County girls are named to Hoosier Girls State. The are Marilyn Renaker, Betty Winterkorn, Jeanne Christley, Barbara Smith, Nancy Flock, Barbara Abbott, Carol Rainbolt and Jenalee Kiger.

A new Boy Scout troop has been organized in the Heidelberg neighborhood. It will be Troop 32, and the Rev. Clarence E. Homberger is the Scoutmaster. Frank Wheat Jr. is assistant scoutmaster, and Waidrow Wolfe, institutional representative.

Velma Roudenbush wins the spelling bee of 1955, sponsored by the Corydon Central School Corp. Ann Windell finished second. Both are students at Corydon Elementary School.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Curts, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fox; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Edward Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Merle McIntosh.

Deaths: William Habermel, 72; the Rev. Charles Wachter; Marcia Ann Dome, infant; Ray Scales, 67; Mrs. Mabel Huddleson; Charles E. Routh, 79; Anna Daly, 82.

75 years ago

May 2, 1945

James Elmer Keller, son of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Keller, formerly of Harrison County, was killed in action April 4 in Germany; Warren C. Kopp, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kopp of this county, was killed on Iwo Jima on March 20; and Harry Peters Jr., son of former residents Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peters Sr., was killed on Luzon on April 8.

Two Nazi Prisoners of War were captured near Rosewood last Thursday following their escape from a Prisoner of War work contingent at the Army Quartermaster Depot in Jeffersonville.

Births: Boys — none; girls -— Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. Branson Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. George Frederick.

Deaths: Charlotte Redden, 77; Cephas W. Breeden, 76; Alva Merlen, 73; Elizabeth Bauer, 57.

100 years ago

May 5, 1920

Misses Lucile and Crystal Stepro visited their uncle, Tullie Beanblossom, last week and attended the band concert at Valley City on Friday night.

Henry Voelker and Henry Schneider, two prosperous farmers of the “Flatwoods,” have had installed on their farms electric light and power plants by Julius G. Zabel of Lanesville.

Births: Boys —none; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Albert McGrain.

Deaths: David J. Murr; Mrs. Sarah A. Windell, 80; J. L. O’Bannon; Richard Henry Henricks, 5.