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NH school board Zooms for meeting

NH school board Zooms for meeting NH school board Zooms for meeting
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

The North Harrison Community School Corp. Board of Trustees met for its monthly meeting Thursday in a new way: a Zoom call. Zoom is a conference call application that allows video and audio to be utilized by everyone in the call.

During the Zoom meeting, the board approved the retirements of Laurie Grubb, a special education teacher from Morgan Elementary School; Ron Snyder and Jane Schladand, teachers at North Harrison Middle School; and Regina Clunie, an administrative secretary.

Veronica Battista, president of the board, said it would be a struggle to see these people go, as they had impacted the school in such a great way.

“These are all people who have put so many years into North Harrison, and we will find someone to take their places,” she said, “but filling their shoes will be a challenge to live up to.”

Battista also inquired about how senior students would be able to finish AP classes and dual-credit courses.

Dr. Lance Richards, school superintendent, said that Ivy Tech Community College has been in communication with North Harrison to ensure students will be able to receive those credits. Ivy Tech recently had a Zoom meeting with principals and school leaders in regard to these courses and decided that, as long as students fulfill the eLearning requirements set forth by Ivy Tech, they will receive that credit, he said.

“Reach out directly to those teachers involved with the programs,” Richards said regarding questions students may have about completing any program. “Don’t assume there is an answer coming. We are sending out a lot of information about plans going forward, but, if anyone has any questions or aren’t sure about information, call the principal and, if no one else, call me. If they have questions, we need to provide answers or direct them to the person who can provide the answer.”

Richards addressed how impressed he is with the kitchen staff and volunteers who are helping with the food service distribution to the students of the school corporation. He said the program is getting more efficient with each day and that the team has produced as many as 8,000 meals in one week.

North Harrison schools will participate in eLearning through May 15. This will allow students to meet the required 20 eLearning days, along with 20 waiver days, to reach the total 180 school days.

“I want to just say that there is some amazing work that we are seeing from our teachers,” Richards said. “Our teachers were asked to learn to swim in the deep end early with eLearning, and they have done some amazing things.”