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April 15, 2020

April 15, 2020 April 15, 2020

• This is in response to the person that was talking about keeping the liquor stores open. Well, apparently, they’ve never seen an alcoholic go into DT’s because this country’s full of alcoholics and, if they can’t get a fix, they go into DT’s. Then, our emergency crew is going to take them to the hospital. … I don’t drink that much and I’m not an alcoholic, but I know how it affects people because that can happen.

• I was just reading the column of Judy O’Bannon in (a recent Corydon) Democrat, and I hope everybody takes time to look at the glory of the spring that’s out there. Enjoy the life’s spring and the beauty around us.

• Does anybody know what happened to Dr. Towsley at Old Capital (Veterinary) Hospital? His office is closed.

• They say they’re going to clean up all these dump houses in Harrison County. Well, I just have to say that I live in New Middletown and the biggest part of New Middletown is nothing but a dump. … so, I was just wondering when we’re going to start cleaning up the dumps.

• I am abiding by the rules and only making emergency runs. I came up to the local Walmart on (a) Monday. I checked (the week before) when senior hours are. They said 6 a.m.; they didn’t specify a day. So, here I am, … and the girl at the door tells me 6 a.m. on Tuesdays only; no other time. Of course, when I asked, I talked directly to a customer service representative. She stated 6 a.m. seniors; no days. … I’m in need of supplies. It’s a senior time. I’m going to have to sit here in the parking lot for an hour before I can get in. Now, I’m sorry; you should’ve been a little bit more specific when you told people the hours …

• I was just wondering why some of the recycling centers are closed. I mean, people bring stuff up and got it loaded up and then you have to take it back home.

Editor’s note: It was announced in the April 1 newspaper, following a proclamation signed March 25 by the Harrison County Board of Commissioners, that recycling drop-off sites would remain open but the public would not be permitted inside the Solid Waste buildings. If you are experiencing something different, call the district office at 812-738-8415.

• It’s sad that with this coronavirus golf courses are supposed to be closed, but Old Capital Golf Course was open Saturday, full of golf carts and men playing golf. …

Editor’s note: The Harrison County Health Dept. was asked about the change in status of golf courses from needing to be closed (ordered the end of March) to being recently re-opened. Carrie Herthel, administrator of the department, said, “After taking into account the most recent guidance from the state, which allows for individuals to engage in outdoor activity in open recreation areas provided they comply with the social-distancing requirements, I had a discussion with the golf course who provided me with a written plan to maintain public safety as well as enforce social distancing.”

• To my neighbors and fellow Harrison Countians: Due to the coronavirus, we are asked to stay in but to get out and get some exercise. My suggestion is we get out with all our extra Walmart and JayC bags and pick up trash, at least along your own property lines, and help older neighbors who may need it and can’t do it. What’s in your yard and across the road will end up in your yard tomorrow or the next day. There is also so much trash along roadsides, especially on (S.R.) 135 between Corydon and New Salisbury and at the beginning of some county roads. Do a good deed and do for our county and get some exercise at the same time doing this. Quit throwing out your trash, and pick up after your own trash.

• Yes, … we do need a Captain D’s. They have a senior meal. Their food is great, and we need them down here …

• Hey, people, you definitely need a contract with your cable provider. I have TV and a land line with Spectrum. Much to my dismay, my bill went from $81 to $103 a month in just six months time. They can raise any amount they want. All I can do is stop service, and I did.

• I’d like to make a comment on the president bullying. I thought they restricted that? How come the president bullies every day? Why don’t he do his job instead of worrying about everybody else’s? That naval officer, what’s wrong with him speaking his peace? I think that’s bull butter.

• I didn’t know there was an exception for women who work in a doctor’s office not to wear a mask or not to be socially separated, distance from each other, that they are allowed to congregate in the parking lot without masks on. They work in a doctor’s office, they know the risk and this is totally unacceptable. …

• Today is April 8. This afternoon I was in town of Corydon and I saw something that really made me mad: an employee driving a Town of Corydon pick-up truck with a gorilla mask on. Now, whether he thought this was funny, I don’t know if he’s making a joke. … I would just like to say that this COVID-19 is not a joke; it’s not funny. This is very serious. People are wearing masks to protect themselves and their families, their loved ones. There’s health care workers that are working the front lines caring for these COVID-19 patients on a daily basis because that’s what we signed up to do. I myself am a nurse, and this really upset me when I saw that. …

• Everyone running around with gloves on is looking stupid. First off, gloves aren’t going to protect you if you’re touching everything and then touching your face, touching your phone, etc. It’s called cross-contamination. Example, do you touch everything after you’ve touched raw chicken? Same concept. No. Wash your hands, please. Are you guys changing gloves after every time you touch something? No. This virus is never going to end with people wearing their gloves and then throwing their nasty gloves on the ground. Please, stop the madness.

• Boy, it’s pretty sad that people don’t have anything better to do than sit around and criticize the president. Boy, that’s pretty sad.

• You know, you hear all this stuff about these movie stars and these musicians giving free concerts and doing that and doing this right now. Why don’t they do a little bit more around the world all year long because, you know, it’s all given to them, you know, $80, $100 a ticket. …

• Hey, how about we salute the people that stay at home and go to the store and not finding what they need because the shelves ain’t stocked … ? There’s heroes in the people that’s staying out of stores and staying home by themselves and not seeing nobody, not congregating or anything. … It’s not just the first responders and hospitals and doctors and nurses, you know. It’s everybody, you know. I need a mask, too.

• Hey, guys and gals of Harrison County. This is Juanita Wolfe, and this may seem like a silly, small thing but, to me, it’s meant a lot. I’m wishing you all well, and, in this scary time when our whole world is upside down, a few things stand out to ease the load we all carry. One thing that has helped me and raised my spirits quite often is the advertisement LG&E shares with us. It plays in the background “This Little Light of Mine” and all the time showing normal pictures of happy people and happy times. It makes you think maybe one of these days we will return to these happy times. Sure, there’s some LG&E advertisement in it, but it’s put forth with love and caring and it gives me hope for a return to a better day. Thank you, LG&E. Wish this could be played at the top of every hour. God bless, stay safe and maybe one day soon we can be back to hugging our babies again. This advertisement, along with faith, empowers me with hope for our future.