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Dairy Dip returns to carhop days

Popcorn remains popular snack
Dairy Dip returns to carhop days
Dairy Dip returns to carhop days
Dairy Dip in New Salisbury has converted to curb-side service, with employees, such as Jonah Barrow, left, and Morgan Smith, taking orders while customers remain in the vehicles. Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

As businesses throughout the county have had to adapt to the recent government mandates due to COVID-19, Dairy Dip in New Salisbury is reverting back to its roots. Once operating as a carhop, the restaurant is now functioning in a similar fashion by using a P.A. system to announce orders to avoid crowds congregating in the lobby.

Currently, Dairy Dip is encouraging customers to order over the phone. But, if they must order and would prefer paying in person, the business is limiting the lobby to only having two customers at a time inside. They can also remain in their vehicle and an employee will come take their order.

After leaving the lobby, employees will direct customers to wait in their vehicle for an order. An employee will announce over the P.A. system when orders are ready and they will either take the order to the customer or they can go inside to get the food and then return to their vehicle.

“My parents actually owned a carhop when I was young,” Cathy Barrow, who owns Dairy Dip with her husband, Kent, said. “I grew up in that environment where the staff would take food out to your cars for you. It is so nostalgic and kind of ironic that this situation has brought me back to those roots.”

Barrow also explained that Dairy Dip is also taking extra precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of its staff and customers. The entire staff is wearing gloves, which they change after each interaction, and donning cloth masks. They are also sanitizing each station and any area customers may come in contact with every 30 minutes.

Operating hours have stayed the same, and anyone interested in calling in an order at Dairy Dip can reach the business at 812-347-2790.

When people aren’t making essential trips to grocery stores or to get food, like at Dairy Dip, being stuck at home has many curling up on the couch and watching a television series or a couple of movies. Nothing goes better with that scenario than having a bowl of popcorn to snack on, and, due to that, Ramsey Popcorn Co. Inc. — creators of Cousin Willie’s Original Popcorn — have seen an influx of orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Veronica Sieg Battista, the customer service manager for Ramsey Popcorn, said the company has had to make some minor adjustments to its operations in order to ensure the health of its staff, which is most important.

“We are trying to follow all guidelines to be sure people who are experiencing symptoms or feel sick are immediately put under quarantine and are at home,” Battista said. “I think this pandemic is new territory for all businesses, and we are trying to be flexible and fluid as every day can be something different. We get HR guidelines every day sent out in an email reminding our staff constantly of what should be happening.”

To accommodate those guidelines, Battista explained they have changed some shifts for staff members. With social distancing being a large component to battling the coronavirus, the company is working to keep everyone in all points of the production of the popcorn separated.

“We have the people who can do their job from home working from home,” Battista said. “We have some employees who are still able to work their normal shifts, and we have some staff working a swing shift. Split shifts are also helping our people to not be as exposed to others, which has been great.

“The morale of most of the crew is well, and we hope to keep it that way and keep people employed,” she said.

Ramsey Popcorn does a lot of business internationally, but apparently everyone still needs popcorn as Battista mentioned orders have not slowed down at all, and they are meeting orders every single day.