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Winery produces high-demand product

Best providing hand sanitizer where needed
Winery produces high-demand product
Winery produces high-demand product
To make FDA-approved hand sanitizer, Best Vineyards mixes alcohol that is not less than 94.9% ethanol by volume, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and sterile water. They purchase the hydrogen peroxide, shown above, at local stores or online. Submitted photo
Kaitlynn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Recently, due to COVID-19, the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau issued emergency regulations allowing distilleries to immediately start producing hand sanitizer, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration eased restrictions on the making and distributing of it.

Businesses like Best Winery, Vineyards & Distillery near Elizabeth have rallied to the cause.

Berretta Best, a partner of Best Vineyards, explained that Harrison County Clerk Sherry Brown called and spoke with her brother, Wilbert, about this opportunity, asking if it would be a task the vineyard would be willing to take on.

Wanting to do their part in helping the community, Best said it was something they didn’t even question.

To make FDA-approved hand sanitizer requires alcohol that is not less than 94.9% ethanol by volume, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and sterile water.

Best said that she recommends the sanitizer be used in a spray bottle, as it is more of a water-based sanitizer than a gel-like substance. She said because of the ingredients, the sanitizer doesn’t dry one’s hands out like other options might.

Best Winery, Vineyards & Distillery has made hand sanitizer for hospitals, fire departments and a few nursing homes. Best said they also have seen a large number of individuals coming in and getting it for themselves and their households. While this is completely fine with the vineyard, Best encourages people to bring a container with them, anything from a spray bottle to a Mason jar, to store the sanitizer in.

Best said they currently have 75 gallons of hand sanitizer and is hoping to produce 300 additional gallons soon. While they do have the alcohol ingredient under control, they still have to purchase the other ingredients, like hydrogen peroxide, at stores or online. They are accepting donations at the winery to aid in the purchasing of these ingredients.

Their wine and spirits shop is still operating as well, she added.