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Milltown Council views updated wastewater plant design

Milltown Council views updated wastewater plant design Milltown Council views updated wastewater plant design
Chris Adams, Contributing Writer

The Milltown Town Council, meeting in regular session March 9, at the town hall, received an updated look at the design of the town’s new wastewater treatment plant.

Bob Woosley of Heritage Engineering said, after talking with town manager Josh Breeding and plant operator Steve Tolliver, the decision was made to change the location of the new plant on the site “to better utilize the property and to keep it in an area that flows within the plant’s schematics.”

Woosley said the change still allows room for a mirrored expansion of the plant, doubling its 150,000-gallon-a-day capacity, which is the same as the current plant.

“We may never have to expand this, because you’re using far less capacity,” he said. “You’ve got lots of extra capacity.”

Woosley also noted that relocating the plant on the property “gets us partly going down a hillside that helps us with some excavation. Our plan is to put this as much into the hillside as possible and not have as much tank above grade.”

Woosley said the plans also call for utilizing the existing building on the property.

“We’re going to take the current building that’s there and we’re going to convert that into the motor control center, the blower room,” he said, adding it also will include workspace. “We’re going to take better advantage of that building, and it’s going to save us some money because we were going to need a building.”

In a related matter, Nathan Held of Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission, presented a contract for his agency to serve as administrator of the $700,000 grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs that will pay almost half of the $1.64 million project. (The rest is to be paid for with a low-interest $940,000 State Revolving Loan fund.)

The contract, which pays Indiana 15 RPC $42,000, is to be signed by Jerry Mackey, the Milltown council’s president, and Alicia Lutz, the town’s clerk-treasurer.

“This covers the labor standards, the environmental review and the general administration,” Held said.

The council also voted 3-0 to hire David Hutson as its attorney. He succeeds Mark Kiesler, who resigned in February after accepting a position with the Scott County Prosecutor’s office.

A 1999 graduate of North Harrison High School, Hutson, who resides in Lanesville and whose office is located in Jeffersonville, has practiced law for 10 years. He mostly practices litigation, but he also has represented some government utilities.

“So, I have a variety of things in my practice,” Hutson said.

The council’s next regular meeting will be Monday, April 13, at 6:30 p.m. at the town hall.