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Best’s kidney transplant put on hold

Best’s kidney transplant put on hold
Best’s kidney transplant put on hold
Chase Best
George Browning, Sports Writer, [email protected]

Imagine getting news that a donor for a life-saving kidney transplant had stepped up only to find out the surgery has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 virus.

That’s what happened to Corydon’s Chase Best. He learned during the halftime of the Corydon Central basketball game on Feb. 28 that his former Little League baseball coach, Jake Yonkers, had been approved to donate a kidney. The surgery was scheduled for late March or early April.

Then, the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. Best learned the outbreak caused the surgery to be postponed.

“To see him so excited to start a new chapter of his life and to see it taken away is hard,” said Chase’s wife, Heather.

Chase said he thinks a number of things factored into the decision to postpone.

“I think they were concerned with my health after the surgery is over and also the use of resources for the surgery,” Chase said. “We know we still have our donor, Jake, and (his wife) Shannon are still right there for us. It’s going to happen; the question is just a matter of when.”

With his disease and compromised immune system, Best cannot have contact with people and has been self-quarantining. Heather said despite the isolation, they are not alone, as family and friends have been checking on them.

Chase and Heather weren’t the only ones disappointed about the postponement. Yonkers said he was disappointed for Best, as well.

“It was very difficult to hear the surgery was postponed,” Yonkers said. “The emotions covered the gambit: frustrated, upset and discouraged. We spent a month testing and waiting for results, and we get to a week within the surgery and it gets canceled.”

Yonkers said he does understand why it was postponed and said the fear and worry of both of their families would have been magnified given what is going on with the virus.

“I know we will eventually get the surgery in,” Yonkers said. “It’s just difficult not having a date.”

For now, Chase and Heather will do what they have been doing prior to getting a donor and that’s continue to play the waiting game.