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April 1, 2020

April 1, 2020 April 1, 2020

• What is going on? The sky is falling. The apocolypse. The end of the world. COVID-19. Coronavirus. Whatever you want to call it. Get a fever. Is it the corona? Is it the flu? Are you just hot? Have you been sitting in a heated room or are you getting sick because you’re outside in the rain? Who knows? How many people were sick months before the corona ever said anything about? How many viruses were going around mimicking other medical conditions such as strep or the flu or the combination of the two? Now, everybody has to be told to wash their hands. This is something they should have been doing to start with. …

• Thank you, Suetta Tingler, for all your good recipes. I really did enjoy them and will make the spaghetti.

• The government’s telling people to stay at home and they’re letting them off work except there’s some of us that’s got to work so that don’t mean the ones off work needs to come to our workplace and loaf and stuff. … If that’s the way it’s going to be, I agree they need to shut every state down and have the national guard out here making sure people stay at home.

• I encourage the Harrison County (Community) Foundation to provide what assistance is possible to our area’s small businesses. It’s the compassionate thing to do.

• Isn’t it nice to see the younger generation take care of the baby boomers? We are finally letting go so the next generation can step up. Let’s enjoy staying safe by staying home with less stress. I just want to say thank you to Generation X and to the millienials.

• You know the two brothers that went out here and bought up all the sanitizing stuff off the shelves from stores in Tennessee and Kentucky? They were just following the lead. … What’s the crime? I don’t understand. Would somebody call in and explain to me what’s the crime? …

• I’m getting tired of seeing old Trump every day on television. … I give him an F on handling the coronavirus.

• I went to CVS Monday evening to pick up some medicine … They are putting tape down on the floor marking six-foot social distance and they’re practicing it, and I think that is excellent and I think every business and company around here should do something like that. Thank you, CVS, for doing that. That’s excellent.

• This is for all the people that’s getting off work during this pandemic. Just because you’re off work, you need to keep your behinds at home. … Why are you buying treated lumber and fence and TVs out of Walmart? You name it, and you’re buying it. You need to stay away from people. I mean, my God. What are you all doing? … And then quit hoarding stuff. … I’ve got to work, and I ain’t going to get sick on account of you all. You all need to stay at home if you’re off work … So, quit congregating in stores and stuff, hardware stores and grocery stores and stuff to talk. Stay at home, for God’s sake.

• Second Chronicle 5 Chapter 7 Verse 14: If my people which are called by my name should humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

• I was calling in about how many damaged mailboxes there is. That’s a federal offense. I guess the kids don’t have nothing to do. There’s no school so they’re out playing with mailboxes.

• This is just my opinion. I’ve lived in Corydon my entire life. I’m in my middle 30s, and I just wanted to say unofficially, not really, but I feel that Andy Beshear is my new governor. I’ve watched him every day at 5 o’clock the past week and the only thing that makes me feel better or makes me feel safe is Andy Beshear every day at 5 o’clock. I am Team Andy. #Team Andy. Andy Beshear for president. I mean he’s just great …

• I’m calling in regards to the person that said they hope that whoever doesn’t support Trump doesn’t get any of the money he’s handing out. It’s not Trump’s money. It’s our money that they’re handing out. It’s our tax money, so get over it.

• Wonder what a person can do about his neighbor burning trash. He burned trash all this week, and most of it wasn’t his trash because, whenever he gets home from work, he gets three or four garbage bags out of his car to burn. … I just wonder what is it that he thinks it’s all right to bring trash in from wherever … and burn it out here in a 55-gallon drum. Don’t get me wrong. I burn trash, too, but I don’t bring trash in from elsewhere. What can I do?

• Where are the free hot meals that they’re giving out? You got to drive all the way over to Louisville to get them? How about it, Harrison County? … How about doing something (else) with that riverboat money … ?

• I’m calling about the government shutting down all these stores but they’re letting the liquor stores stay open. … you can’t even go to a car lot and buy a car, but you can buy booze. That just don’t make good sense to me.

• I sure do wish they’d get a Moby Dick or a Captain D’s seafood restaurant in town. It sure would make a good restaurant around here …