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Water, wastewater professionals play role in protecting Americans

There is no higher priority than protecting the health and safety of the people in our communities. While we truly appreciate our doctors, nurses, EMTs, police and firefighters, let us not forget those behind the scenes that work hard daily to keep us healthy.

It takes highly skilled water and wastewater personnel to ensure the public supply of safe drinking water and to protect our lakes, streams and groundwater. Advancements in water treatment and supply technology have increased the skills and training required of this workforce.

Currently, existing safe management techniques in both drinking water and sanitation apply to COVID-19. Extra measures are not needed. Disinfection treatment processes will facilitate more rapid die-off of the COVID-19 virus. Provision of safe water, sanitation and hygienic conditions play an essential role in protecting human health during all infectious disease outbreaks, including the current COVID-19 outbreak.

While social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing is crucial for us to get through this crisis, please let us recognize and thank the water and wastewater professionals behind the scenes that are protecting us.

Connie Stevens, Executive Director, Alliance of Indiana Rural Water