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March 25, 2020

March 25, 2020 March 25, 2020

• Harrison County has $119 million in casino money. Will the state of Indiana declare an emergency and use that money to pay for the coronavirus pandemic expenses? Some say it won’t happen. Three months ago, no one would’ve said that we’re going to have the coronavirus today. Oh, yes. It can happen.

• I’m sitting here watching TV, the 12 o’clock news, and President Trump and Vice President Pence and two or three others are making a speech about how they’re trying to get this coronavirus under attack. I really believe President Trump is trying to do everything he can to get this coronavirus knocked on out of the way, and I just wanted to say we really appreciate President Trump and Vice President Pence.

• Trump continues to say that anyone that wants to be tested for the coronavirus can be and that there are plenty of tests. … There are far from being plenty of tests. … We cannot check the spread of this disease without ample testing. It is that simple, folks. …

• I was wondering why (areas of) downtown Corydon was being allowed to look like the junkyard … Something needs to be done about it.

• Well, here we go again. I see in The Corydon Democrat where somebody passed a school bus with its arm signal extended, (got) smacked on the hand again. When are we going to start charging where they really hit their pocketbook? I’ve already had one driver tell me he’s not even going to tell the school that anybody’s passing their stop arm because it’s no use. … We need to do something to make them pay attention to what’s going on. It’s a big yellow vehicle sitting on the road with red and orange lights flashing. There’s no excuse for it.

• I guess everybody sees we’re lowering the gas prices. I wonder why they can’t lower them and keep them low? …

• Thank you to the Trump supporter responding to the previous request for the reason Trump will not release his tax returns. I understand under the law he does not have to, but my question is why do you think he does not want to? …

• Just calling to say I hope everyone who claims that Trump isn’t their president doesn’t get any of the money he’s fixing to send out. …

• As a veteran, I’m often thanked for my services. Now, I think it’s time to thank retail workers for their services.

• Whenever I’m thumbing through the channels here on TV, sometimes I come across this Senate chambers. They don’t have to show us what they’re not doing. They’re getting paid good money, and that sure ain’t the reason why we voted them in. I mean, you know, they don’t even hide that they’re not doing nothing.