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Township trustee stresses being proactive

Webster Township Trustee Isaac Brown said the plan, as of now, for any resident who needs assistance is to follow current guidelines, which includes applying for aid followed by a qualification investigation and the determination of assistance from the investigation findings.

“I will say that one of the questions on the application is if there has been an extraordinary circumstance that lead the applicant to apply for township assistance and the current pandemic is definitely something that is out of the ordinary,” Brown said. “Webster Township wants to do everything it can to help our residents.

The trustee said he will follow all directives from the state to help keep people safe, minimize the spread of the virus and to provide relief.

“We will also accommodate anyone who has been or is self-quarantining to help minimize the chance of exposure to any applicants by bringing applications to those who are quarantined,” Brown said.

He also reminds residents that applying for township assistance is a process and the best practice is to be proactive in applying.

“We want to help all that we can, but reaching out in the last day before a utility is shut off does put the township in a bind as we have to take the time to investigate the claim,” Brown said. “We hope that everyone will be safe, prudent and use all the best practices to minimize the COVID-19 impact on our community, and we will get through this.”

Anyone who needs assistance is urged to contact their township trustee.