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Schools take measures against COVID-19

NH plans twice-a-week meal giveaways
Schools take measures against COVID-19
Schools take measures against COVID-19
All three Harrison County school districts are closed, with two on planned breaks and the third closing as a precaution due to COVID-19 this week.Photo by Kaitlyn Clay
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

All three Harrison County school districts are closed, with two on planned breaks and the third closing as a precaution due to COVID-19 this week.

For Lanesville Community School Corp., this week was a planned intercession time while next week is spring break. For the South Harrison Community School Corp., this week and next were planned for spring break.

North Harrison Community School Corp. was scheduled to begin a one-week spring break on Monday; however, its board of trustees decided Friday morning to close this week, and continue with its spring break next week, as precautionary measures.

Dr. Lance Richards, superintendent of North Harrison schools, suggested circumstances can change daily and for parents and students to continue to try to stay up to date.

“We have full recognition that if we end up canceling for an extended period of time, that puts a huge stress on families,” Richards said. “In a perfect world, we won’t have to do that, but shame on us if we don’t have a plan. A failure to plan is a plan to fail, and the moment we have information we will share it.”

To combat the stress placed on families, North Harrison is offering a free meal pickup for students. On Monday, the school system passed out three breakfast meals and three lunch meals at Morgan Elementary School to any student in the district who needed them.

Another pick-up session is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Morgan. School officials encourages those picking up meals to stay in their cars, and the food bags will be delivered to their windows.

Kathy Chinn, the food service coordinator for North Harrison, said they have received an overwhelming amount of parents interested in this service. She the team plans to make available four breakfasts and four lunches for the next session to help aid throughout the weekend. Her hopes are to continue this twice-a-week offering for as long as possible, but it will all depend on how long the schools stay closed.

Lanesville Community Schools Corp. is encouraging students and families to prepare for possible eLearning for the week of March 30 to April 3, the week after students finish spring break. A final decision regarding eLearning has not been made at this time but is something that is being considered.

“Beyond that week dedicated for eLearning, we plan on using the waiver days,” Steve Morris, superintendent of Lanesville schools, referring to the 20 waiver approved by the state. “If there is a lengthy shut-down beyond the waiver days, we will conduct e-Learning to the best of our ability. For us, we will follow the recommendations of the county health department, state and federal government on restarting school.”

For South Harrison schools, Superintendent Dr. Mark Eastridge said the school system plans to follow suit with the neighboring school corporations.

“When we return after spring break, we are planning on offering meal service to our students,” Eastridge said. “The specifics are still being discussed. We will be going to eLearning; details will be forthcoming the week of March 23.”