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Photo featuring local boy donated to Monroe museum

Photo featuring local boy donated to Monroe museum
Photo featuring local boy donated to Monroe museum
Steve and Brenda Arnold look at a photo of their late son, David, that they donated to the Bill Monroe Museum. Their son was a boy when the picture was taken of him with the late Bill Monroe at a bluegrass festival in Beanblossom. Submitted photo

Steven and Brenda Arnold, along with their son and daughter-in-law, Rob and Emily, recently visited the Bill Monroe Museum in Rosine, Ky. The family donated a picture of Bill Monroe, the “father of Bluegrass,” with Bill holding their late son, David Arnold, at Bill’s Bluegrass Festival in Beanblossom, in 1993.

The framed picture includes a quarter Monroe gave to David.

The family visited Monroe’s grave site several months ago and noticed change covering the slab of granite which lays over the grave. At the museum, Jody Flenor, executive director of the Ohio County Tourism Commission, explained how Monroe always like to have quarters to hand out to children.

When the Arnolds spoke about the framed picture, Flener asked if the Arnolds would donate it to the museum.

Once the picture was hung, the Arnold family visited the museum and grave site again to see the picture displayed.

Flenor told the Arnolds the picture will always represent Monroe’s love for children and will serve as a remembrance when people visit the grave site, where the one-time children, now grown up, give their change back to Monroe.

After touring the museum, the Arnold family received a personal private tour of Monroe’s old birthplace on “Jerusalem Ridge.” The old home where Monroe was born and grew up has now been renovated and restored and is open for tours.