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March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020 March 18, 2020

• What will our president do to combat the coronavirus? Maybe he’ll throw out some rolls of paper towels at a press conference.

• I would like to respond to the person who said they don’t see how any Christian could back Trump. I agree. Anyone can claim to be a Christian. My Bible says “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Also, when the woman was going to be stoned for adultery, God said let those who have never sinned be the first one to cast the first stone. Go and sin no more. God used David in a mighty way after he committed adultery with Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba, and had him murdered because of his lust for Bathsheba. He impregnated her while she was married to Uriah. Trump is pro life and anti abortion, pro God who is striving to keep God in America despite so many who want God gone. Among so many other things he’s doing, like being a strong negotiator for America with countries who try to bully him. Also, we better be concerned about a stock market crash. If that should happen, we would have a serious depression akin to the one in 1929. Coronavirus is very serious, and we need to take precautions … We need to pray for health care workers, postal workers and all others who work in the public jobs.

• I’ve got the reason why Trump doesn’t have to release his taxes: Because by law he doesn’t have to.

• I just want to say I love Joe Biden.

• To all of you people that think Trump has done so much to stop the spread of the coronavirus … There should have been a massive government effort to get out enough test kits. There was not. They were not even close and still not. …

• Trump has finally done something smart about this coronavirus. This morning, March 13, he finally says they’re going to speed up the coronavirus testing, make an effort to speed it up. This should’ve been done two months ago. …

• Has anyone noticed that whenever you call the local time and temperature number at 738-TIME, that it tells you it’s 31 degrees? No matter if it’s a day in the summer, it’s always 31 degrees. It gives you the correct date and time but never on the temperature. It looks like if they can’t fix this, they would take this number off-line.

• In response to a comment in the Live Wire questioning why so little interest has been shown about President Trump not releasing his tax returns, I say get a life and move forth. The intelligent prefer to judge the president not on a balance sheet, but rather on leadership and results. We’re blessed to have Donald J. Trump leading the way.

• Why has Culver’s suddenly decided to add an extra cost to the slice of tomato on our burgers? Shame on you.

• If you believe in God and his rules, then how can you vote for candidates that don’t respect his rules or commandments? How can you vote for candidates that promote things that God hates?

• I agree about the caller that called in about that old, crazy show “The View.” They’re right. Them four women are crazy. All they want to do is cuss and talk about President Trump.

• I was calling in about PNC charging 2% to cash a check if you don’t have an account there. With that reason, I went to their bank because a check on their bank a person wrote sold me some stuff and I wanted to be sure that it was a good check so it didn’t come back later to my bank showing the account was not fully funded from the check.

• I just read in The Corydon Democrat where somebody said they loved Trump. That’s interesting. Millions of people loved Hitler and you see where that got them. …

• I just called in to say I love Joe Biden and hate Donald Trump. That’s it.

• Here it is, another month and the parks department is wanting more money … Lights wasn’t put back up on the parking lot (at South Harrison Park); we’ll just buy new ones. $37,100 spent to level the field for drainage don’t sound too bad, but $36,900 for what projects? They need to be detailed about what they have to spend the money on. How many millions have they gotten in the last two or three years? … By the way, I think the parks are great. …

• Thank you, Ray Wilson, for your (letter to the editor) in The (Corydon) Democrat … You’ve got it right on. You hit the nail right on the head. What you said is exactly right. Thank you.

• I see on TV a lot of people almost laughing about the (corona)virus that’s going around like they’re not really worried about it. But, I believe if somebody in their family died of it, they would have a different attitude.

• They used to say there’s no atheist in a foxhole. Well, one thing we’re learning today is that everyone’s a socialist in a pandemic.

• Our electric went out a couple of Sundays ago, morning early, up on Williams Street, and the Duke Energy guy was there in no time it seemed like; had our electric back on and repaired whatever blew up on the transformer pole and even picked up the pieces out of our yard from what exploded. So, good job to Duke Energy.

• I just watched the president here on TV Saturday. He don’t look too well. Maybe he needs a vacation like that one person called in and said the president needs a vacation. Sorry. It’s his job.