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March 18, 2020

15 years ago

March 16, 2005

A Chicago businessman wants to build a 108-room hotel and a three-quarter acre enclosed waterpark that would attract hundreds of people a day to the old Keller Manufacturing Co. site in Corydon. Don Peeples and his business partner are in the process of building their third such project in Fox Lake, Ill., a suburb north of Chicago a few miles south of the Wisconsin border. Peeples has been meeting privately with groups of town, county, hotel and tourist officials and a few businesspeople the last few months to tell them of his plans and to start discussions about a financial plan for the waterpark that would involve Harrison County government.

The proposed Interstate 64 interchange 2.3 miles west of the S.R. 135 interchange in Corydon is now included in the state’s Long-range Transportation Improvement Plan. And $1.4 million in federal funding has been approved for the connector road between Lanesville and Georgetown. The announcements were made by Harrison County Engineer Darin Duncan during a brief press conference Monday morning at the courthouse.

Armed with a bag full of medications and binders filled with information, Rhonda Harmon told the North Harrison Community School Corp. Board of Trustees last week that teaching at North Harrison Elementary School in Ramsey was making her ill. The fourth-grade teacher said she knew everyone wouldn’t agree whether there is a mold problem in that building, but she was sure they would agree there’s water damage. She is one of 17 people who expressed concerns about their health, their children’s or even their grandchildren’s, many of whom suffer from asthma.

Randy Coffman of Corydon recently landed a fourth-place finish in the FLW Outdoors Central Division bass tournament, which is a part of the semi-professional EverStart Series. The event was held on Sam Rayburn Lake in Jasper, Texas, Feb. 23 to 26. Coffman competed as a co-angler (from the back of the boat) in a field of 200. His largest day’s catch was five fish weighing in at 14-9, which came in the opening day.

Deaths: Norma A Baumgartner, 25; Lawrence T. Page, 87; Mary M. Paquin, 64; John K. Prage, 64; Lewis Schneider, 84; Bernie L. Newlin, 59; Martha Bowman, 81; Richard Scharf, 66; Carl F. Goldman, 62.

25 years ago

March 22, 1995

When EDS, the firm which processes Medicaid claims for the state, began working on a new computer system two years ago, there was a normal expectation that the switch would have snafus. But the transition has turned into a nightmare, and seriously undermined the financial condition of Medicaid providers such as doctors, hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes and pharmacists. Since the system went online Feb. 7, about $100 million in claims have gone unpaid statewide, according to The Indianapolis Star. Harrison County Hospital is owed about $300,000 said accounting manager Jeff Davis. The hospital got two small checks in early February and has received nothing since.

Harrison County officials will don their thinking caps for the next week, before deciding whether to award jail construction bids opened last night. The low base bid came in at $7.8 million, which some said left little room for any extras, such as a courtroom facility and other alternates. “It’s not that far off what we talked about, but everyone was hoping it would be about half that,” said Councilman Greg Albers. “It looks like we’re back to the real world.” Terry Miller, president of the commissioners, said the decision will be made after recommendations have been received from consultants.

Nearly 18 months after the initial series of Take Charge meetings, the call has been issued for all concerned citizens to become involved. In October 1993, more than 50 Harrison Countians attended three meetings sponsored by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. Many topics were discussed and a consensus emerged: Planning and zoning issues are the most vital facing the county. A handful of subcommittees formed after the meeting, and one — the growth management subcommittee — continues to meet.

If nothing else, one can only assume that somebody somewhere has made a killing lately on orange-colored Wolfpack wear. Imagine one brilliant orange T-shirt, multiply that by 1,500 times or so, place them side by side for row upon row and you begin to understand the magnificent scene that greeted the Wolfpack basketball team as it emerged from the runway at Roberts Stadium Saturday morning. And despite the final result, the proud fans has something to shout about, backing their ’Pack from start to finish as they bowed out of the state tournament with a 55-49 loss to fourth-ranked Bedford North Lawrence.

Deaths: Luzetta L. Miller, 87; Jack R. H. Eichenberger, 54; Laura J. Couts, 67; Carolee Goebel, 60; Helen M. Steward, 83; George L. Coddington, 63; Edith Thomas, 76; Effie E. Talbott; Wilbert C. Gipson, 67; John W. Murphy, 78; Judith McKnight, 51; Dorothy Newton, 78; Anthony Trento, 71; Wilbur Gentry, 77; Elizabeth Conrad, 81; Raymond White, 67; Robert Cheatham, 63; James Branham, 51; Elizabeth Gunter, 59; Chester T. Sears, 79; William Weber Jr., 35.

50 years ago

March 18, 1970

Four senior girls participated in the Hoosier Elm Chapter DAR Good Citizen Contest held for the school year 1967-70. Competing were Roxanna Bailey, South Central High School; Janet Love, North Harrison High School; Martha Merk, Corydon Central High School; and Linda Richmer, Lanesville High School.

Appointments of crew leaders for the 1970 Census of Population and Housing in Crawford and Harrison counties was announced this week. Crew leader for Harrison County is Mrs. Carol S. Saulman and for Crawford County the crew leader is Ivan Brooks.

Mr. and Mrs. Lenzie Moore have purchased the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Parker on Woodland Ave. Mr and Mrs. Moore are the owners and operators of the Corydon Dollar Store, installed here six years ago.

Trophy winners from Cub Scout Pack No. 22 in the recent Conservation Poster Contest sponsored by the Harrison County ASC Committee were Michael Evans, Timothy Conway and Steve Sieg.

Births — Boys: Bernice Cobb, Jane McKim, Sandra Boardman, Mrs. Larry McAdams. Girls: Patti Faith, Vonda McCarty, Mrs. Richard Senn, Mrs. Jerry Baylor.

Deaths: Dwight Bennett, 24; Dr. A.O. DeWeese, 81; John Edward Peiffer, 16; Ben Hendricks, 80; Mrs. James Cavins; Edward Mosier, Sr., 86; Mrs. Eunice Haas, 74; Mrs. Leona Crone, 81; Mrs. Lucy Hottle, 86; Lewis Parker, 78; Robert L. King, 76; Ben D. Rhodes; Frank Pease, 58; Robert Brough.

65 years ago

March 16, 1955

A cabin belonging to Walter Hagner of Blue River Inn, White Cloud, burned to the ground Monday morning.

University of Louisville basketball coach Peck Hickman will speak at the Corydon Chamber of Commerce basketball banquet next week honoring Coach Lou Jensen and the Corydon Central High School athletic teams.

Men and dogs from several counties are expected to come for the Night Wild Coon Hunts sponsored by the Old Coonhunters Club next week.

Flood waters of the Ohio River forced several Harrison County families out of their homes last week. Five families at Mauckport vacated their properties.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stigler, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Breeden, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Emery, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Stonecipher, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Melton, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Mc-Kim, Mr. and Mrs. Huston Ernstberger; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jordine, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ballard, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Freeman; twin girls — Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wolford.

Deaths: Daniel Lethco, 81; Catherine Heuser, 62; Inez Kingery, 70; Ruth Culbertson, 53; James I. Wright, 52; George Mossler, 49; Mrs. Edna Bowman, 61; Mrs. Katherine Green, 90; Mrs. Agnes Eaton, 90.

75 years ago

March 21, 1945

Tech. Sgt. Eldon Harrell was fatally wounded Feb. 19 on Luzon. Merrill Hofmann is a Nazi prisoner of war. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hofmann of Blue River Township.

Mary Catherine Bickel has completed two and one-half years of nurse’s training and has gone to Johnson City, Tenn., where she will be affiliated for four months at the Mountain Home Veterans Hospital.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schoen; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brewer; Mr. and Mrs. John Harold Windell; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Richard Timperman.

Deaths: James G. Durnil, 76; Roy Duggins, 63; Jacob Becker, 57; Anna Walter, 79; Annie Goodman; Ira Mauch, 48; Alma Utz, 49; Mrs. Vernie Redden, 54; Carol Jane Brown, 1; Millie Harden, 72; Mrs. Charles Hornickel, 79; Mahala Lagle, 79.

100 years ago

March 24, 1920

Mr. and Mrs. Eli Shields, who have been spending the winter with their son, Harry W. Shields, and family in Fresno, Calif., returned home last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dee Guenther and Burrel Seipel left for Fowler, Ind., where they have employment on a farm.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lopp; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Behr.

Deaths: Mrs. America Bashear, 68; J.H. Jones; Ephriam Kessner; Mrs. Susan Hottle, 86; John Lawson Reid; Charles B. Kopp; Mrs. Catherine Bee, 75; Miss Madge Goode, 21; Mrs. Lottie Treece, 75; Silvia Mason, 4; Alfred Evans, infant; John Cotner; Daniel McMonigle, 79; Billy Hazel, 4; Mrs. Elizabeth McMonigle; Arthur Bunger; Mrs. Ben Byrne.