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Farmers need grain company, government officials to help with impasse

Everyone knows big business and progress can cause small businesses to suffer and, in some cases, close their doors. This stage has been set in Meade County, Ky., a rural community just across the river from Harrison County, where steel giant Nucor will build and operate its new steel mill. While this progress is welcome news, it comes at a price to farmers on both sides of the river.

The problem is that Nucor needs the grain terminal adjacent to its site to be shut down, forcing local farmers to haul their grain to Owensboro, Ky., or Jeffersonville. The grain terminal closure will cause financial hardship and strain on farm families as mileage and hauling times will more than triple.

No one is against progress, but, when a problem is created for progress that burdens citizens, it must be addressed with fervent resolve.

Meade County Judge Executive Lynn referred to some of the farmers who are trying to stop the terminal from closing as “those squawking the loudest,” but I’m sure he would be squawking, too, if this were happening to him.

If Nucor Consolidated Grain and the local government officials would work with the farmers, an amicable solution could be found.

Kentucky State Rep. Nancy Tate says this dispute shouldn’t overshadow the Nucor opportunity. It is my hope that she will reach out to the farmers and work diligently to help resolve this impasse.

Carolyn Beam | Louisville, Ky.