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NH lifters bring home wins

Wade Bell, Sports Writer

North Harrison competed in the Southern Indiana Bench Press and Squat Championships on Feb. 29 at South Spencer High School and came away with some hardware, including a team championship for the Lady Cats. The school’s freshman/sophomore team finished in second place, and the junior/senior team finished third.

Individually, the school came away with five champions.

Nick Gunter lifted 225 pounds in the bench press and 405 pounds in the squat. Cody Cottrell benched 225 pounds also and had 340 pounds in the squat. Gavin Bruner also benched 225 pounds and squatted 305 pounds. In the girls’ class, Chelsea Schuley lifted 155 pounds in the bench and 395 in the squat and Brianna Fawver pushed 135 in the bench and lifted 275 in the squat.

The school had four second-place finishers. Aaron Nevil benched 275 pounds and 405 pounds in the squat. Wyatt Manik finished with 235 pounds benched and 285 pounds in the squat. Brody Miller benched 185 pounds and lifted 370 in the squat. In the girls’ class, Emily Ingle benched 160 pounds and lifted 315 pounds in the squat.

Third-place finishes went to Kam Wauford (bench 205, squat 275), Jaden Harris (bench 210, squat 400), Caden Jones (bench 170, squat 405), Justin Flickner (bench 200, squat 305) and Audrey Tucker (bench 95, squat 185).

There were four fourth-place finishers: Landon King (bench 225, squat 370), Jack Burks (bench 115, squat 225), Colby Whittaker (bench 205, squat 350) and Steven Harrell (weights not available).

Maya Raider finished with a fifth-place finish.