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HWES showcased at SH meeting

Irwin selected as next CIS principal
HWES showcased at SH meeting HWES showcased at SH meeting
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

The South Harrison Community School Corp. met Tuesday, March 3, at Heth-Washington Elementary School. The meeting began with numerous student presentations to the board, including a song and dance by the choir, highlights on unique ways they are using technology by slideshow and video presentations and a report on a book the third-grade class read recently.

Board member Barbara Smith touched on how impressed she was with the students at Heth-Washington during her final comments saying, “This is exactly what an open house for a school board should look like. I am so impressed with these students and what they are doing here at this school.”

Sue Lanham, the principal at Heth-Washington, spent most of her presentation time updating the board on what work was currently being done to bring kids up to state testing goals and the school’s own personal goals. The testing goals were broken down separately into math, reading and writing.

“Our big goal is to show growth at the school,” Lanham said. “Our test scores weren’t the best this year — and we know that — but we have embraced that and our teachers and instructional coaches have worked diligently to help our kids.”

Each area of math, reading and writing has its own goal of a percentage of students the school wants to reach. To achieve that, Heth-Washington has incorporated after-school programs and RTI small-group instruction that happens most days of the week. Then, staff meets monthly during the RTI time on Fridays to discuss different students to see what teachers are doing that works, where else they can improve and what more can be done to ensure success for the students.

Lanham said she is certain the team of staff and teachers at Heth-Washington will be able to help the kids get to their expected test scores and exceed the expectations of the state.

“We are trying to improve that academic growth and mindset,” she said, “but we don’t want to tell them what to do; we want to show them what to do.”

Lanham also shared that currently Heth-Washington is working on a nature trail in the wooded area by the school, a project headed up by Shane Gibson, a local community member. The goal for April is to have students visit the area and help spread mulch. The hope of the team is have a dedication and then the area will open in May.

Also on the agenda was the approval of Wendy Irwin as principal at Corydon Intermediate School to succeed Sandra Joseph. Irwin was previously the assistant principal at Corydon Elementary School. The board unanimously approved this, and the change will be effective July 1.

The resignation of Corydon Central High School’s girls’ basketball coach, Michael Uhl, was accepted as well. Joshua Conrad will move from leading the junior varsity team to heading up the varsity girls for the next season.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Eastridge also touched on his hope to start planning events centered around the upcoming census filings. He suggested schools think of unique ways to hold open houses to get parents in the doors and fill out the forms.

“The census numbers will really have a significant impact on the community as a whole,” he said, “and it is extremely important we get people out to fill them out.”

The school board’s next regular meeting will be Tuesday, April 7, at 7 p.m. at the administrative office in Corydon.