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County has funds to make animal control a shelter

Last month, the Harrison County Council voted against a request for additional funding for the low-cost spay and neuter voucher program which helps those people in need to manage their pets. I believe they voted no because some people within our county government don’t want our animal control to become an animal shelter.

Animal control is a place where people can dump their unwanted pets for euthanization. Our animal control tries to find new homes for those animals, but space and time are limited. Most are euthanized.

An animal shelter is a place where people can still dump their unwanted pets but efforts will be made to find new homes for those animals, no matter how long it takes. It costs more to run an animal shelter because they need a lot of space to house the animals waiting for adoption.

Harrison County is not a poor county, thanks to the foresight of those who voted to allow the casino. We can afford to expand the facility. It’s the humane thing to do.

So this election year, ask those running for county commissioners and council if they want to continue our animal control the way it is or progress to an animal shelter.

Also, ask them if they are willing to do something about the pet overpopulation problem. We need some kind of solution to encourage people to have their pets spayed and neutered, in addition to the spay and neuter vouchers, and we have to have support from our elected officials to make it happen.

Ray Wilson | New Middletown, Ind.