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March 4, 2020

March 4, 2020 March 4, 2020

• Highway 111 at the 14-mile marker in Harrison County before (S.R.) 211, there’s a big dip and I’m down to three shocks. Something needs to be done, please.

• I never saw anything so horrible as the report on an animal shelter in Kentucky by John Boel on Channel 3. The conditions were something that I’ll never forget. Dogs are freezing and starving to death living in mud without any shelter, and authorities won’t even do anything about it. …

• I watched the Democratic debate last night between the candidates that’s running for president. It was hilarious. Not one of them could agree with anybody else on anything. They argued and bit and devoured each other. It was pitiful. So, I wondered how in the world could they rule a country when they can’t even get along with the people in their own party.

• Commissioner Charlie Crawford read a resolution at a meeting declaring Harrison County a sanctuary from any law that infringes on the Second Amendment. And all the commissioners supported it. Aren’t they sworn to uphold any state and federal law that has been passed by the government? What gives them the right to decide which laws they will obey? You hear all the time about sheriffs and other county officials that declare themselves sanctuary communities. If they don’t want to follow the laws, they should be removed from office and someone put in that will.

• I’ve just got a quick question. They put turning lights in downtown (Corydon), which was great, but I was just wanting to know why they don’t have turning lights at (state roads) 62 and 135 and (state roads) 337 and 135. They got turning lanes but no turning lights. Just curious as to why.

• Many people called into the Live Wire saying they are Christians and support President Trump. I’d like to know where in the Bible that it said to turn away refugees seeking asylum? And where did it say Jesus fed the multitudes after he gave them drug tests to see if they deserved the food? …

• I would like to call in and comment about all the people that’s fussing about Donald Trump going to Daytona (500). Well, you know what? Donald Trump has got a lot on his mind. He’s really overloaded. Plus on top of that he has to fight the Democrats every step of the way. I think it’s really good for him to get out once in a while just for his weary peace of mind. He needs it.

• Many of us seniors, 62 and older, would like to see $1 admission to the high school basketball Corydon games like South Central High School does. Sad part is, it is in the same South Harrison school corporation and it is up to the Corydon athletic director … If you would like to see $1 high school basketball games for seniors at Corydon (Central), please respond back to Live Wire and the school board. There is strength in numbers.

• This is to the people that responded to the comment that a person said they don’t see how Christians could back Trump. Well, I agree with this person. I think claiming to be a Christian is very easy to do. Anybody can claim to be a Christian. Living like a Christian like the Christian religion teaches, that’s another story. The Christian religion sure doesn’t teach to back a man like Trump as a leader. Nowhere does it teach that. … Find a decent, honest man to lead and help every one, not just the rich. That’s the Christian way.

• I was appalled that the Harrison County commissioners voted to make Harrison County a Second Amendment sanctuary. This is nothing more than a political stunt with no legal grounds. Common-sense gun laws such as universal background checks, high-capacity magazine bans and red-flag laws do not violate or infringe on anyone’s Second Amendment rights. Indiana Constitution, Article I, Section 32 says citizens have the right to bear arms unless deemed mentally unstable or dangerous. Indiana’s red-flag law is called the Jake Laird Law. A mentally deranged individual who, upon release from the hospital demanded the police return his weapons stash to him, then went on to shoot and kill his mother and then shoot four police officers, including seriously injuring Jake Laird. The commissioners are saying, in effect, they won’t obey the red-flag law of Indiana. This has made me feel less safe in this county.

• Watching the noon news, I saw where Kentucky Gov. (Andy) Beshear had his picture taken with the Derby City Sisters, a group of drag queens. He’s already re-opening abortion clinics. Holy people of God that think that Trump has a lock on this …

• So far in Trump’s term in office, there has not really been a huge crisis facing this country. Well, now there is. And what has this man done? Well, according to the experts, he’s done the wrong things and very little. Now, he’s considering a tax cut. He’s (appears) worried more about the stock market than he is the spread of this virus. This virus is capable of killing hundreds of thousands of people in this country. …

• To all you religious people and you Christians, I think that this coronavirus is God’s way of letting you all know that he is not happy with you voting for a man like Trump and supporting a man like Trump. You reap what you sow. But, as usual, when God’s hammer comes down, everyone suffers, not just the ones responsible. Good luck. You’re going to need it.

• It’s a no-brainer. Invest in the youth of our community by replacing the current well-used Rhoads swimming pool with a new, modern facility. Also, make the attempt. Write the plan to keep the pool open throughout the heat of the summer. Don’t close the pool the first of August.

• I would like to say a special thanks to Bugsy that mows in the third district. I think they need to give him a special award because, out of all the mowers, he’s one of the best that we have. And to the county, they need to do something and get Randall Brown and Douglas Kaiser back because they’re two of the best workers they had and they lost them. I don’t understand what the problem is. What’s the county coming to? Answer that for me, please.

• I don’t know if anybody else has noticed or not, but these commercials on TV sure are getting a lot longer, like five minutes long. I’m glad they’re doing it because it just reminds me whenever I go to the store or whatever not to buy their product.

• Let me get this straight. We can spend $180,000 to start a baseball/softball field sports complex at South Harrison Park but we do not have the money to fix the roads or pay the highway workers?