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Good Independent candidates needed across the country

President Trump continued the economic recovery and reinvigorated our military with increases in defense spending. Conversely, he weakened environmental regulations, moved funds from military construction projects to fund the border wall and hurt our standing in the world, including our relationship with friendly countries. Trump continually lies about events and policies, and demeans the presidency with his derogatory comments and gutterly uncivilized language. He garners attention with his negativity.

Trump has weakened our national security by attacking the FBI and intelligence agencies. These attacks are launched when he personally disagrees with the findings of the agencies.

I don’t see any viable Democratic presidential candidates. Sanders, a Socialist, and Warren, a fake Indian, hold radical views supported by leftists in their party. Buttigieg is a former small-city mayor with no national experience, and he showed poor judgment when he declared victory in the Iowa caucuses before the official results were in. Klobuchar cannot generate a national following. Steyer and Bloomberg are looked down upon for trying to buy the election. And Biden, who is highly qualified to be president, is aging. Some of them are running to garner name recognition for other races.

We need Independents to run for president to represent Independents across the country.

Donald Moskowitz | Londonderry, N.H.