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February 26, 2020

February 26, 2020 February 26, 2020

• Please remember what Drew Carey says: “Have your pet spayed or neutered.” And, please, remember, if you’re considering getting a new pet, please visit your animal shelter. Shelter animals make the best pets.

• I would like to know what Trump supporters think is the reason that he has not disclosed his tax returns prior to 2016 until now.

• We’re calling in regard to the intersection of (S.R.) 64 and Main Street in Milltown The traffic sign has been knocked down, has not been replaced directing people onto Main Street. Also, that Main Street off of (S.R.) 64 needs some reflective markers to mark where the edges of the road is because it’s very easy to drive off the road without those. Why hasn’t anything been done about the traffic sign and what can be done to put up reflectors?

• To the caller who said their mother was meaner than Nancy, I will bet that she is also prettier than Nancy. And about President Trump being at the Daytona (500) race instead of fighting for the country, he is but the Democrats aren’t helping him. As far as the discipline problem in our schools, it isn’t just there. It’s everywhere. We need to go back to the old days when kids was raised right.

• Well, I see where there was a stop-arm violation in the court news and, just as I suspected, a smack on the wrist. You wouldn’t believe how many there is in a week. I drive a bus and have had kids almost hit. Guess it would take one getting killed to make a stronger penalty.

• In response to the person that said they don’t understand how anyone that says they’re a Christian can support a man like Trump, how can anyone who is a Christian and identifies with the Democrat party embrace … the murder of unborn children?

• Wanted to call in and compliment Dylan Davis on the February 2020 Linked! article he wrote. I think religious choice is a wonderful right to have, and I’m glad to see there’s some young folks that are supporting it and paying attention.

• Someone called in to Live Wire and said they didn’t understand how anyone that says they are a Christian can support a man like Trump. … I could not have voted for Hillary Clinton, not even at gunpoint, and still called myself a Christian.

• The February 2020 Linked! also has an article by Ashley Froman about gun owners have saved lives, which indicates that these kids are actually thinking independently. They’re not buying the party line. I love it. Please, keep publishing Linked!.

• This is to the person who called in to say that anyone that speaks out against the president should leave the country. This is America, and our founders fought for for our independence from the monarchy. Part of that freedom included freedom of speech. Any one of us is allowed to speak out about our feelings without fear of reprisal. That is what makes us different from a place like Russia, where people actually lose their lives for speaking out against Putin. Shame on anyone who doesn’t appreciate the freedoms that our founders fought so hard for. As for me, I’m proud to be an American and will be forever grateful for the freedom for you and I to speak our minds even when we do not agree.

• I’d like to make a comment about all the people fussing about Trump going to Daytona. Well, you know what? That president has not taken one paycheck in all the time that he’s been in office, so the good-old boy does need a vacation so Daytona Beach, here he came. It was a good time for him and his wife, and it looked like everything was going swell as can be, so just back off. Look at the good he’s done for our country.

• I would like to agree with the person that called in about the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses on Quarry Road. It is really strange to me why the church is facing away from the road. And I agree that it does not look very welcoming. I wouldn’t want to go there. I wouldn’t want to go to a church that looks so unwelcoming.

• The Opinion page had information about do we want to ditch homework? I said yes because I think it’s very important for children to be able to play, and sometimes the kids come home with so much homework there’s no time. I also kept my two children out of school an extra year so that they could just be a little boy and a little girl another year longer.

• I’m calling about Sen. Todd Young’s editorial in this week’s Corydon Democrat where he said Congress has failed to address higher health costs and prescription drugs. What he didn’t say is that the House has sent bills to the Senate to address these issues plus election security and Mitch McConnell won’t let the senators vote on it.

• I was just reading in this week’s Live Wire somebody griping about the actual price tag that the president attended the Daytona 500. I was reading that one, and then somebody was applauding it. Well, all presidents and people with power like that, they go to different events and stuff. That was not nothing. But the reason I’m calling is I noticed after (NASCAR driver) Ryan Newman (nearly) got killed (in a crash) that every news channel, sports and world news, they had it on there. … somebody’s got to get seriously hurt or a bad wreck in NASCAR before these news channels pick it up on their sports, you know. And it’s crazy because it’s a sport. It’s going to be around, and them guys are as much athletes as anybody as far as I’m concerned …

• Yeah, I just wanted to say God bless Donald Trump. I think he’s doing a great job and these Democrats need to get over it. It’s been a long time since we paid $4 a gallon for gas here in Harrison County …

• I just want to say I am also a Christian and definitely do support President Trump.

• So, if you haven’t done it yet and you like really, really good barbecue, you need to make the trip over to New Middletown, Ind., and go to Smokin’ Hogan’s barbecue. It is literally absolutely the best barbecue I’ve ever had in my life. I’m in my late 40s, and I’ve drove down to Nashville to get barbecue. This is some of the best barbecue I’ve ever had in my life, and it’s literally right there in New Middletown, Ind. They’re as nice as they can be in there. I’ve had everything on the menu, and I’ve been going four days a week. It’s absolutely wonderful. Smokin’ Hogan’s in New Middletown right there at the four-way. It’s just great. I think The (Corydon) Democrat needs to go out there and do a story. Jo Ann or somebody, do a story on them.

• … I just happened to be out driving around the other day, just sort of taking the back roads, just looking. I wasn’t really looking for something; I was just looking to see what’s going on, and I was down by Mauckport and I ended up over back on Wesley Chapel Road. And, let me tell you, it is just absolutely gorgeous out there. You get up on that ridge and look down off that hill and just see acres and acres of farmland. It’s just really, really pretty. I never knew that was down there. So, if anybody likes to just take a ride and look or likes to paint or take pictures, it’s just absolutely gorgeous down there, and I never knew it was down there. Wesley Chapel Road. It’s great.

• A special thank you goes out to Danny Wiseman, the building inspector for Harrison County. I appreciate your diligence in checking out my property and making it safe and to code. I really appreciate you looking out for the residents of Harrison County.

• I’ve been watching TV about the Democratic debates. I’ve been reading the Bible also, and it says, “Sin will abound more and more and more until it gets so evil the Lord will say that’s enough,”and he’ll come and gather his Christians and take them up in the rapture. The word rapture is not found in the Bible, but it means a catching away, taking his children, God’s children, on up into heaven. …

• The border bashers and criminals and the ugly socialism must be stopped. We are privileged to be genuine encouragement to Israel. We are very thankful for the leadership of President Donald Trump. May God bless true conservatism and capitalism. It works.