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February 19, 2020

February 19, 2020 February 19, 2020

• This is for all the people that was complaining about Trump in the paper. If you don’t like what our president is doing, then leave our country. Move out. You ought to be down on your knees praying for our leader. The country’s in a mess, and we need all the prayers we can get.

• I’d like to know what I can do about Mainstream. Did they get a tax credit from Harrison County to come and put in fast-access internet? They’re on both sides of me. I live in New Salisbury. They came down our road both directions and stopped at our property line on both directions between S.R. 64 and Whiskey Run (Road) and they stopped. They said we need more people. Well, all the neighbors have signed up for it, and they stopped right at the property line of us. …

• I really enjoyed reading the February edition of Linked!. I liked the comments. In fact, I love them about the transgendered. I worked with a person several years ago that was a male. … He went and had the transgender operation and became a girl. It was a really, really rough thing he went through every year. … And, of course, this bullying in class needs to stop. I want to respond to that item, too. A whole lot of it stops if they do have a dress code because I know some people that’s made high fun of really badly if they wear name-brand shoes and don’t have the best of clothes on. They get made fun of and they get bullied. So, I think the dress code is a good thing. When my son was in school, he got bullied so bad some days I sent him to karate school to learn to defend himself. And then the abortions; of course, we know that’s against God’s rule. I appreciate whoever wrote that item about the abortions because God says do not kill. … But, we do need cursive writing. …

• I just want to say the person that doesn’t want to spend an increase in taxes for the school, it is not an increase. It’s a continuance of one that was voted years back, and the school is the heart of Lanesville. And, if they would produce as good a students out of the other schools as they do at Lanesville, they would be doing a great job in the Louisville area. So, I support our schools, and I hope they continue to do what they are doing.

• All you people that think it was fine what Pelosi did at the State of the Union need to go back and watch in 2009 when Obama was giving his and Joe Wilson yelled, “You lie” and watch what Pelosi did then, how shocked she was.

• I want to thank The Corydon Democrat for the section Linked! from the kids from the various schools. They do an excellent job in their opinions and their research, and I think people should be sure to read the Linked! if you want to get an idea what our high schoolers are up to. They’re doing a great job.

• I’d like to know why Lanesville school in Harrison County is taking in so many children. … We cannot even have lunch with our children any more because every room in the school is full of kids. …

• Has anyone else noticed driving down Quarry Road the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses church has been recently remodeled? But, why is it facing away from the road? … It doesn’t look very welcoming. It is something very strange to see.

• I would like to commend Dylan Davis from South Central (Junior-Senior) High School for his article in the February edition of Linked!. It is amazing that a student has the courage and the foresight to put an article in a school publication such as this. Congratulations and amen to Dylan Davis.

• I would like to give a big shout out to Paula and all of lunch ladies at the high school. They are the best group of ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

• For you … Republicans, evidently you don’t remember that when Obama was making his first (State of the Union) speech, the Republicans were sitting there talking to each other and laughing and carrying on and were very rude to Obama’s State of the Union address. And right after that, good old Mitch (said it was his) job is to make Obama a one-term president. So, for eight years the Republicans did nothing to help the American people or Obama either one. Whoever said Nancy Pelosi was the meanest woman they ever met, well, they didn’t meet my mother.

• They say you can judge a person’s character by the company they keep. Six of President Trump’s associates have been convicted as results of the findings in the Mueller report. That report also said a sitting president cannot be indicted. The investigation was about Russia interfering with our ’16 election before Trump was sworn in. Makes me wonder just what else is in that report.

• What I don’t understand is how anyone that says they are a Christian can support a man like Trump. …

• How great was it to see our President Trump and his beautiful wife at the Daytona 500? Woo. It was great.

• I’m calling in response to I lost my six-foot unicorn. I guess it blew out of the back of my vehicle. It’s pink and white. It’s a stuffed toy, and it’s one of my kids’ favorite toys. If anybody spots it, recognizes it, I’ll take it and have it cleaned. I’ll do whatever it needs to. It’s the favorite.

• I need the state highway number of the INDOT call number at Seymour, the toll-free number, for needed road work in Harrison County. Wish you’d publish it for me.

Editor’s note: The Indiana Dept. of Transportation’s website lists the Seymour district phone number as 1-855-463-6848. The main toll-free number is 1-800-457-8283.

• Those that have been complaining about the small mess from this trailer up here on North Road at Hancock Chapel need to move on and complain about something else. At least the new owners are trying to get this place cleaned up. …

• Yeah, I’m just wondering that the actual price tag is on the president at the Daytona 500. Awful lot of wasted time there that he could be fighting for the United States.

• I went to three business places this week. Two of them told me their computer was slow, and then one of them told me their computer was down and they couldn’t hardly conduct any business with me because their computers were not working right. We definitely need the cursive writing although Obama tried to do away with it. I think we really need the cursive writing badly, very much.