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Drug deal ends with murder charges

Drug deal ends with murder charges Drug deal ends with murder charges

A drug deal that turned into a robbery and culminated in the death of a Palmyra woman has resulted in two men facing felony robbery and murder charges.

Christian Pittman

Christian Pittman, of the 3800 block of Mount Solomon Road, Corydon, was arrested Saturday after turning himself into the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept., and Samuel Thomas Smith, 19, of the 200 block of Lake Road, Corydon, was arrested Monday following the death of Christina (Chrissy) Grimsley, 21.

The incident occurred Feb. 10 when Grimsley met with the two men at about 11:20 p.m. for an alleged drug deal. A witness told police Grimsley had made a deal to sell Smith an ounce of marijuana. Smith was a passenger in a white Ford Ranger pick-up truck, driven by Pittman. There was another teenager in the truck as well, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Grimsley handed Smith the package through the passenger window of the truck. When she asked for the money, Pittman began to speed away, with Grimsley hanging onto the side of the truck.

Samuel Smith

A witness told officers Smith said “Go” to Pittman, who responded, “Do you want to have some (expletive) fun?” As he accelerated, Grimsley was thrown from the truck and left lying on Martin-Mathis Road, located off U.S. 150 in the northern part of Harrison County.

Grimsley’s girlfriend witnessed the incident.

The probable cause affidavit states EMS had arrived and CPR was in progress on Grimsley when Nathan Ranke, a deputy with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept., arrived. Grimsley was transported to University Hospital in Louisville, where she died two days later, on Feb. 12, from her injuries.

The Ford Ranger was identified as belonging to Pittman following an anonymous tip. It was found hidden in the woodline on the rural property where he resides.