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Trump’s made ‘mockery’ of United States, office

This country has been torn apart by hatred, bigotry, racism and fear-mongering ever since Trump has been allowed in office. He is playing on the archaic notions of the elder generations who are loathe to allow the country to develop into a more united, intelligent and kinder people. The old, rich elite are not “the people.”

Trump’s disdain for anyone who is not a rich, straight white male is loud and clear for the world to see, and I, as a young female American, find it disgusting that those in charge are allowing him to treat the people he is supposed to serve like second-class chattel. That no one but those he can use or be paid by are of any worth to him.

He should have been removed years ago when he began making declarations unbecoming of a president. Trump should be removed from office and listed in shame for his misconduct and verbal abuse of the country’s citizens.

We cannot be united as one people when our leader demands division. There is no place in our future for venomous, unadulterated cruelty for the sake of profit. Trump has attacked the most vulnerable and our own soldiers in his irredeemable disdain. He has made a mockery of the country, the office and the very foundations of the Constitution.

Monica Staggers | Urbana, Ill.