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South Harrison explores programs impacting students’ longevity

South Harrison explores programs impacting students’ longevity South Harrison explores programs impacting students’ longevity
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

The meeting of the South Harrison Community School Corp. Board of School Trustees was Tuesday, Feb. 4, where special presentations discussed unique and impactful programs vital to students’ longevity in the education system.

The first presentation was to discuss the impact of RESET for Success. It is a program designed for special education elementary students who need group and individual counseling. These students need focused one-on-one attention in order to combat anger issues and improve social skills in order to be reintroduced to their home classroom and succeed throughout the rest of their time in the education system.

The program is focusing on these issues through progress monitoring of each child in their classroom. The teachers track the progress each 30 minutes by labeling various areas of conduct with the level of satisfaction each student has achieved during that time duration. Their goal is to have shorter outbreaks and a larger majority in the satisfactory range as each student spends a longer amount of time in the program.

This past school year, RESET for Success serviced seven students and, of those seven, five are back in their home school with little issue. Currently, seven students are in the program this school year.

Centerstone of Indiana also presented on its work in the South Harrison school district at the meeting. Centerstone works to provide therapy, life skills and family support for students of all ages, and it currently services about 115 students in the South Harrison school district.

It works with students to understand why they feel certain ways and react in the ways they do, then it offers actionable steps in life skills to make them able to handle day-to-day stresses better in school and at home.

The final presentation was an update and review on the College and Career Readiness program for the 2020-21 school year, which included a proposal to add two additional programs — an entrepreneurship pathway and a billing and coding specialist in medical administrative assistance pathway — to the current career technical education listings. Both additional CTE pathways were approved unanimously by the board.

The entrepreneurship pathway has an added aspect to it, as there is a potential partnership in the works with Indiana University Southeast. The university offers a 15-hour certification in entrepreneurship, and the goal would be to promote this opportunity to students in the CTE entrepreneurship pathway to start, and possibly finish, before graduation.

Dr. Lisa Russell, the associate professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship at IUS, spoke about the partnership possibility, referencing that the idea stemmed from a student who previously participated in the certification course during her time in high school.

“Our pilot student in this program ended up graduating high school with a total of 26 additional college credit hours and is on track to graduate with her master’s degree in less than four years at Indiana University Southeast,” Russell said. “I think that proves this program has some merit. We are currently in the process of determining tuition, and we are hoping to work with the county government to run a scholarship program.”

The next South Harrison Community School Corp. Board of School Trustees’ meeting will be Tuesday, March 3, at 7 p.m. in the Heth-Washington Elementary School cafeteria.