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Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses Marriage licenses

Donovan T. Talbot, 22, Louisville, son of Brian T. and Stephanie W. Wells Talbot, Corydon; Genesis Leilani Dutro, 19, Corydon, daughter of Rodney and Kina Dutro, Kingsport, Tenn.

Andy Lee Marlow, 52, Corydon, son of Joe Marlow and Betty Marlow, both deceased; Sylvia Ann Townsend, 50, Corydon, daughter of Curtis Foster, deceased, and Dorothy Barber Foster, no address given.

Caleb Matthew Ott, 20, Crandall, son of Jeremy and Melissa Jenkins Ott, Corydon; Leleanna Christine Meade, 20, Crandall, daughter of Thomas J. and Nikki L. Meade, Crandall.

James A. Hash, 52, New Salisbury, son of Jesse K. Hash and Evelyn M Perkins Hash, both deceased; Abby Lynn Irwin, 34, New Salisbury, daughter of Steve C. Irwin, Roanoke, and Sherry A. Ungemach, no address given.

Dakota Mitchell McKnight, 26, Elizabeth, son of Terry M. and Sarah J. Wiseman McKnight, Elizabeth; Desiree Nichole Kolter, 24, New Albany, daughter of Scott J. Kolter, New Albany, and Deanna F. Cox, deceased.

Andrew Dakota Bennett, 22, Corydon, son of Wesley Bennett, no address given, and Bobbi J. Hussey, Crestwood, Ky.; Melissa Ann Olson, 26, Corydon, daughter of Scott W. and Cheryl A. Russell Olson, Knoxville, Ill.

Cody A. Buess, 25, Laconia, son of Christopher M. Buess, Corydon, and Rhonda K. Decker, Laconia; Crimson Evoughn Bryant, 24, Cory-
don, daughter of Rodney Bryant, Corydon, and Terry McAllister, deceased.

Brandon Ray Prentice, 36, Corydon, son of Kevin Prentice and Jael Miller Leatherman, no addresses given; Amanda Lea Kincaid, 41, Palmyra, daughter of Richard Kincaid and Daisy Morrison Kincaid, no addresses given.

Daniel Kent Wise, 34, Corydon, son of Stewart M. Wise and Sherri L. Baker Timberlake, both of Cory-
don; Jennifer Deanna Jones, 30, Corydon, daughter of Martin J. and Susan Kamer Jones, Corydon.

Timothy Ray McDonald, 35, Ramsey, son of Timothy R. and Gloria J. Crawford McDonald, Depauw; Nicole Lynn Logsdon, 33, Ramsey, daughter of Joseph A. and Cynthia K. Koreck Thomas, New Salisbury.

William Hayes, 53, Cory-
don, son of William Hayes and Carolyn Hayes, both deceased; Elena Ivanoff, 58, Corydon, daughter of Petter Ivanoff, deceased, and Emma Dell, no address given.

Michael Steiner, 30, Palmyra, son of Anthony Steiner, New Middletown, and Wilma Gipson Sanford, Corydon; Amanda N. Lowe, 22, Palmyra, daughter of William O. and Lucy Conner Lowe, Depauw.

Harvey Alan Gibson Jr., 31, New Middletown, son of Harvey A. Gibson Sr., Georgetown, and Betty J. Gibson, deceased; Ashley Nicole Clay, 33, New Middletown, daughter of Danny A. Clay, no address given, and Helena S. Duddley Mikel, New Middletown.

James Mitchell Howell, 57, Ramsey, son of James Howell and Shirley Howell, both deceased; Nancy P. Sharp, 61, Ramsey, daughter of Lloyd F. Sharp, deceased, and Clara Guertin Sharp, Corydon.

Robert Matthew Pitcock, 23, Corydon, son of Richard L. Pitcock, no address given, and Lisa D. Simmons Pitcock, Plainfield; Hannah Belle Price, 22, Corydon, daughter of Gerald L. Price, Elizabeth, and Valerie J. Hickey Holloway, Corydon.