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February 12, 2020

February 12, 2020 February 12, 2020

• I just want to say Melania Trump is absolutely beautiful. What a fantastic first lady she is.

• Oh, my gosh. Did you see how Nancy Pelosi acted at the State of the Union speech given by President Trump? She rolled her eyes, she frowned, she made faces and then she tore up his speech in little pieces. …

• A large percentage of the Lanesville school students are not from Lanesville but from outside the community. It makes it difficult for me as a taxpayer in Harrison County, Franklin Township to support an increase in taxes for the school. I’m already paying over $700 in taxes a year for the school system. I do not support a tax increase for the schools.

• I just want to call in and say I thank God for all the righteous people that’s standing for what’s right. Thank you. Amen.

• I’m calling about that impossible burger they keep advertising on TV. Those people on there said it taste like beef. …  If you want to know what it tastes like, get you a piece of cardboard and chew on it. It’s unbelievable what can go on on TV and the media any more. … But anyway, bon appetit.

• I thought Nancy Pelosi’s tearing up Trump’s State of the Union speech on national TV was brilliant as it was full of half truths and lies, and this was a way of letting him know he’s not fooling us.

• This is to the drivers of Harrison County. Have you ever noticed how many vehicles are out there with no turn signals? I guess that must’ve been an option the drivers didn’t want.

• In the past 30 years, the top 1% has gained $21 trillion in wealth. The bottom 50% has lost $900 billion, and now we have a president that gives that top 1% another $1.5 trillion from his tax cut last year. And you working people out there keep supporting this guy. How dumb can we be?

• I watched the State of the Union address with President Trump. I thought it was wonderful. I also appreciate what he’s doing for America and under so much pressure while doing it. And, I was really, really upset with the way Nancy Pelosi’s true colors came through. … America has really, really sunk low, and we need to repent and get our (indecipherable) back right with God. I think that President Trump is trying.

• I’m calling in to respond to somebody that wished there was another gun shop open in Corydon. Well, there is another gun shop in Corydon and that’s Zurschmiede Gun Co. He is located at 477 Pfrimmer’s Chapel Road SE in Corydon, Ind. Phone number 812-968-3006. So, we do all have another gun shop in the town of Corydon. His name is Matt.

• I’d like to comment on Stephanie’s article about the (Super Bowl) football game. How right she was. Amen amen to her, too, It was a great article, and also she needs to buy a book titled “Walnut and Steel” by Bill Ward, a great book for whoever has a .22.

• Donald Trump, you know, he’s a real big shot because he was born a millionaire with a silver spoon in his mouth. Yeah, the unemployment might be low but there’s people working two or three jobs just to make ends meet. And, I’m sorry but we’ve got a sorry president, and him and the whole bunch of Republicans ought to be locked up in jail for what they’ve done to the country. …

• I heard Nancy Pelosi on TV last night. She’s one of the Democrats that stood against President Trump. I’m going to have to say she’s the very most hateful woman I’ve ever known. She is the most hateful woman I’ve ever heard of, and she is evil.

• I followed the proceedings of the impeachment trial and acquittal of our president. I would just like to know if the acquittal means it’s OK if the president seeks foreign interference to help him in the 2020 election campaign?

• I would like to thank Stephanie Taylor Ferriell for the article that she wrote for the Opinions page in The Corydon Democrat on Feb. 5. I agree whole heartedly with the comments she wrote.

• We are very fortunate to have two new restaurants that bring a flair to Harrison County dining.  Take the opportunity to try something you may not have had.  Enjoy conversation at your table while your food is prepared fresh to order. Having a meal doesn’t have to be a rush-in-and-back-out affair; enjoy the experience.

• I love the enthusiasm and the quality of the CCHS pep band at home basketball games. Their performances add a lot to the games and are greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

• I was reading the other day that they’re asking for like another $450,000 for the (Georgetown) connector road. Aren’t these projects bid for the work to be done and everything? I understand there’s some delays and things like this, but $450,000? My God. When is enough enough? And, you’re not even halfway to the highway yet? Halfway to the connector?

• I’m just wondering when did drivers in general get to where they cannot manage just a little bit of adversity on the roads? I mean, a couple of weeks ago they brined the hell out of the roads and we got, what, a light dusting on the grass, if you even want to call it that. Then yesterday, not only the county, but the state was salting the roads like we were going to get six inches of snow again. It was basically a dusting pretty much. Grassy areas a little bit. Hardly nothing. Nothing to amount to the time and materials and the resources that were used. I mean, come on. They were doctoring the roads, like I said, like we were expecting six inches, and we got nothing. It’s a waste of time and material, manpower and definitely a waste of taxpayer money.

• I’m calling about the call about the horses in Grayson County, Ky., that starved to death and they had to put some of them down and the others were so weak they couldn’t even hardly stand up from starvation. I also seen that on TV. It was so pitiful. Their ribs were showing, and they couldn’t even hardly walk or stand up. Tears came to my eyes. I almost cried when I seen that. I hope those people that did that receive some very harsh punishment. The harsher the better.

• I’m sure many of you out there watched the State of the Union address the other night this past week with President Trump, and the media really played heavy on the part where he did not shake hands with Nancy Pelosi at the beginning of the meeting before he ever started talking. He actually didn’t see her try to reach out and shake his hand. I was watching. He had his head turned sideways when she reached over to grab his hand to shake it. He did not see her hand. But, on the other hand, if I was him, I wouldn’t want to shake her hand either. I don’t want to shake the hand of someone that’s trying to stab you in the back.

• With Monday the 17th being Presidents’ Day, I would like to share a couple of quotes. Abraham Lincoln said, “I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of the whole human being.” Barack Obama said, “I think how we treat our animals reflects on how we treat each other, and it’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetuated on animals.”

• Thank you to J.C. Lyell for all the well-written articles. There is no more exciting job than working for a community newspaper. It is the heartbeat of the community. Good luck as you work toward another degree, Mr. Lyell.

• Well, I just want to say I think Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats ought to be put on a boat and shipped across the sea to Africa. They’re a disgrace to our country.

• I just wish something could be done about that mess on North Road and Hancock Chapel where that old trailer once stood. There was garbage everywhere. It was even in the road, and I had to stop my car. What a mess.

• Superior Court employees get a special Harrison County job classification hearing in two weeks, rather than the job description reclassification going to the outside consultants for review. The Harrison County Council told the highway department to wait a year so their job descriptions will be reviewed by the outside consultant. In the last two weeks, the highway department has not only lost the county engineer with 20 years experience, but also two qualified experienced CDL drivers have resigned for better-paying jobs. At this rate, this time next year the highway department won’t have any CDL drivers left. Good luck with the snow plowing.

• Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler fighting for our democracy makes me proud to be a Democrat. Mitt Romney restores my faith.