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Lanesville schools fulfill community’s ‘lofty aspirations’

In light of some misinformation that was published in the Jan. 29 edition of Live Wire, I would like to offer the facts. The referendum is seeking to continue, not increase, the current school tax for Franklin Township. Approval of the referendum that will be on the May 5 ballot will simply maintain the status quo for homeowners in the township.

The Lanesville Community School is the heart and soul of our small but mighty community. It has attracted students from other districts, like Floyd Central, Corydon and North Harrison, due to the quality of education and programs that it offers.

Even those of us who do not have children or grandchildren attending the school can appreciate the enrichment that the school brings. High school students have academic opportunities to take college credit classes at no cost to the students’ families. The number of athletic programs for all levels has expanded to include soccer, tennis and swimming, along with championship level competition in baseball, softball and basketball for both boys and girls.

In 1994, when we fought to keep our school and avoid consolidation, the Tax Advisory Board in Indianapolis told us we were too small and shouldn’t have a school at all.  All of the more than 150 citizens of Lanesville, who had made the trip to Indianapolis on a Thursday, rose in protest. We won.

Since then, the school and the programs it offers have fulfilled our most lofty of aspirations. The elementary program is bursting at the seams, our graduating senior classes have approached over 75 students. Many of them continue their education at the college level, while others enter the workforce with the skills and background that they acquired due to having a quality education.

There is no request for increasing taxes. We are asking for continuity. Support the special place we have chosen to make our home.

Ellen Stone | Lanesville, Ind.