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February 5, 2020

February 5, 2020 February 5, 2020

• Here we go again. Saw it on TV. Horses starve to death in Grayson County, Ky. What a sad thing to have to see these horses suffer so much before they die. How in the world can people be so evil and cruel? …

• This is juror No. 34 calling in reference to the trial this past Tuesday and Wednesday in Judge Claypool’s courtroom. The attorneys, Miss Newell and Mr. Schalk, and their team left no stone unturned. Harrison County has a wonderful team in place and can be proud of the job they did. Of course, they’d have 12 sets of eyes and ears to help them.

• Maybe the new county engineer can engineer the road signs off the side of the road where your side mirror don’t hit them.

• Compliments to Stephanie Taylor Ferriell for her opinion piece about separation of church and state. Well-researched article, and I appreciate it very much.

• I’m calling in about the call last week about Trump and impeachment. I agree with everything said about Trump. (Caller’s) spot on, and everything said is very, very true. Trump should be impeached. He is like a mob boss. I’m glad somebody else in this county feels the same way as me.

• I don’t understand how the township trustees are paid. Jackson Township, Spencer Township, Morgan Township and Blue River Township are all four in the first district. However, Jackson Township (Trustee) Joe Martin makes $14,940. Spencer Township (Trustee) Aaron Scott makes $10,145.64. Morgan Township Trustee Fred Uhl makes $9,417.96. And, Blue River Township (Trustee) Michael Beyerle makes $7,952.16. Also, Joe Martin, Jackson Township trustee, gets office rent and mileage for $5,759.08. I don’t understand why all four trustees don’t make the same amount. And, I also question why Joe Martin is getting office rent and mileage and the other three aren’t.

• This is to the person who called in about the Lanesville school tax. If Lanesville children are the ones who benefit from the education at Lanesville schools, shouldn’t the parents and citizens of Lanesville be the ones who carry the larger tax burden?

• I would just like to say that I really did think Suetta Tingler’s (Meet Me in the Kitchen column) in the (Jan. 29) paper was so informative, and I wanted to say thank you for all the good kitchen tips.

• I saw in the Live Wire a couple weeks ago that the Harrison County animal shelter was asking for anyone who found an animal in abuse, neglect to call and report it. Well, I want you to know that there is a mother dog and a pup located somewhere off (S.R.) 135, and this animal has been in the rain, in the cold, in the snow, whatever we’ve had for months and months and months. There is an old, worn, torn-up doghouse out there, which, if you see this dog stand up, you realize quite quickly that it cannot fit in that doghouse along with itself and the pup, and I have called the animal shelter three times to report this. To this day nothing has been done so I’m wondering what do we need to do to get the attention of the animal shelter? Should we take pictures and post them online? Should we take pictures and take them into them? I can’t do any more, but these poor animals is in neglect. So, if they’re asking for people to call in, hey, I’m trying.

• I wish somebody else would open another gun shop in Corydon …

• If you can’t afford your insulin or your food stamps got cut off, just remember the stock market is at an all-time high.

• I was watching the WHAS Saturday morning news where Reed Yadon was interviewing a Shrine circus member. In the background, there were three elephants and a man with a stick with a hook at the end. That showed me that the elephants had fear of that hook. Did you ever look into the eyes of those wild animals while they’re performing? They have no sparkle. They look depressed. I will not and have not paid to see these poor animals that have been treated so badly.

• I see the Town of Lanesville has put out bids to pave several of the roads in town. I guess this latest annexation has provided them some additional funds to do so. The town council needs to be reminded that there’s a subdivision west of town called Barron Heights that the roads haven’t been paved in that one since it’s been built and it looks like the developer has once again abandoned that project. I understand the residents there are about to make some noise about that, so it would be great if the town council would remember that is there and maybe take care of the roads as well.