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CVB rebrand focuses on natural excursions

CVB rebrand focuses on natural excursions CVB rebrand focuses on natural excursions
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

“Every day I pretend to look at the county not as someone who lives here, but as someone who is experiencing it for the first,” said Amanda Ramos, the Harrison County Convention & Visitors Bureau’s marketing manager, at the reveal of the bureau’s new rebrand yesterday morning (Tuesday) at the Government Center.

Amanda Ramos, marketing manager for the Harrison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, explains the bureau’s new rebrand yesterday morning (Tuesday) at the Government Center. The new logo, shown above, showcases the hills of Southern Indiana. Photo by Kaitlyn Clay

Ramos explained they set out with the goal of doing a rebrand in June of 2019 and have been working toward this moment ever since.

The CVB’s mission was to create an updated and cohesive message and visual identity for Corydon and Harrison County, increase geographic awareness of where Corydon is in the state, define an audience and what they would like to do here and refine the story of Harrison County to showcase its strengths.

After hosting a series of meetings last July intended to gauge the public’s thoughts about Corydon and its many attractions — and after touring the county numerous times with Birdsong Creative, the partner company for the rebrand — the logo, tagline and new identity were complete. “Southern Indiana’s home for natural excursions,” is the new tagline placed below a new logo that showcases the hills of Indiana.

“The new tagline tells people our locations in the state, the word home lends a feeling of belonging and natural excursions signals what people will find here while indicating that our outdoor experiences are open to people of all physical abilities,” Ramos said. “We wanted this to be carried out through the new logo. It can stand alone to demonstrate where we are and what we are about, or it can be paired with photography to show the best that Southern Indiana has to offer.”

Previously, the branding design for the logo featured Indiana’s first state capitol building, found in Corydon, and had a focus on the history of the county. And while preserving that history is still very important to the Harrison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, the goal is to highlight and include more of the scenic attractions found in the county as well.

“Corydon’s history as the first state capital is an important chapter of our story and one that prompts many visitors,” Ramos said. “But, ultimately, we decided that the enjoyment of our natural beauty is key to motivating our target groups of visitors. Our awe-inspiring natural caverns, endless outdoor recreation and nature trails differentiate us from the rest of the state, and we decided that our new brand should lead with these strengths.”

Ramos explained the marketing efforts have been channeled to target three specific groups the CVB believes will have the most impact on the county.

First are the memory makers, people who want to create meaningful experiences with their children and grandchildren through educational experiences and outdoor excursions.

The second group are weekenders, who tend to be young people and friend groups who want good dining, drinks and fun things to do outdoors.

The final group consists of outdoor enthusiasts, who are rugged thrill seekers who make the most out of Harrison County’s natural assets from cave exploration to mountain biking.

Using these target audiences, the goals set for what was intended to be accomplished by the rebrand, and the collaboration with Birdsong Creative, the new identity for the Harrison County Convention & Visitors Bureau has finally been brought to the public, and Ramos said she is excited to see where it can take them.

“Together, these assets comprise and showcase the great things Harrison County has to offer,” she said, “and I look forward to using these new tools to introduce people to this great place so many of us call home.”

All the rebrand, including the logo, tagline and more, can be found in the new visitor’s guide. Anyone is welcome to request a copy on or pick up a copy at the visitor’s center.