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January 29, 2020

January 29, 2020 January 29, 2020

• If you’re out in public with your wife and the wind blows her bangs the wrong way, you walk into a restaurant, you better notify her that her bangs are the wrong way or you can be threatened with bodily harm. I was.

• Called the pound about a troublesome opossum in my trash can. They said they only deal with cats and dogs. What good are they? They have large live traps. For what? …

• The stock market is at record highs and the president brags about how well the economy is doing, yet he won’t approve of a federal minimum wage increase. It’s been $7.25 an hour for the last 10 years. Let that sink in. Just who is the economy good for if the workers can’t benefit from it?

• Recently, my husband and I visited the new Italian restaurant, Tavolo (in Corydon). Although the place was nice, it gave us a feel that it catered to city, rather than county, people. The food was mediocre at best. The portions were not typical of a dinner portion for the cost. The sweet tea was not sweet. They do not offer an appropriate kids’ menu such as a recognizable spaghetti and meatball. They do not offer a traditional lasagna or alfredo pasta. Service was shaky, and the kitchen slow to execute meals. The best part was our hostess manager lady, I suppose, Michelle. She checked on us several times and made us feel very welcome even while she was busy … The owner should understand that it’s nice to have a fancy place to eat here, but not too fancy where people are afraid they won’t belong or feel welcome.

• This call is in response to the (comment) about parking on the square for restaurants. … The parking at the square is usually where people tend to park, and, yes, Bicentennial Park is a nice place to park your vehicle when dining on the square. However, late at night (some might not feel) exactly safe. I suggest that if you want better parking in the square, then you should contact your (town) council and everybody should use the extra funds and discuss parking in downtown.

• You know, it sure is a shame to see (Harrison) County engineer Kevin Russel moving on to another job. You know, the thing is, Kevin’s done a lot for Harrison County, as he’s told us. Millions and millions of dollars of state funds coming into the county and his tireless work on behalf of the people. It’s a shame that the county council couldn’t have given Kevin a little bit more of a raise to bring him in line with comparably-sized counties that he had to end up going into the private sector to make a better living. Maybe the consultants that the county uses to determine salaries ought to be looking at these things whenever they review them again because it sure is a shame to lose somebody as good as Kevin Russel as the county engineer and his 20-plus years’ experience. Boy, you just can’t put a dollar amount on that.

• I was wondering something. I got a couple of speeding tickets back, oh, it’s probably been 10 years ago. But, the speed limit was still the same on (S.R.) 135 as it is now. But, I was wondering is there anybody that can answer this question: Why did I get speeding tickets when now I abide by the speed limit on 135 but people any more, if you go the speed limit on 135, they’re passing you like they’re going 80, 90 mile an hour and they ain’t getting pulled over. … I mean, I can’t figure out. (The police) do not pull anybody over on 135 any more for speeding, it don’t seem like. So, I guess take the speed limit signs down, throw them in a ditch and then we can all just drive like nuts the rest of our lives.

• I want to make a comment about Big O Tires in Corydon. I’ve been a customer there for years, I think since I’ve been in Corydon. It was so nice when Kenny was the manager. Kenny, I miss you so much. Everything was fine. … They knew me. They knew my car. Like my doctor does. I went in there today and sat there for three hours for an oil change and a tire rotation. … The only nice thing is I ran into an old friend and I talked to some new people, and it was nice because those people are older like me and are willing to talk to somebody other than being on their doggone phones. If they want people to sit there and wait for three hours just to get an oil change and rotation, they need to get recliners. They need to get better chairs because those chairs are hard and uncomfortable. … But, I want to say kudos to Kenny because Kenny was a real good owner. I wish he’d come back. He got retired, and I wish he’d come back. I miss him and his employees because they had a real good group of employees also.

• Amen to the person that (called) in the the Live Wire about Nancy Pelosi. I agree with them 100%.

• I live in Franklin Township, town of Lanesville. We are being asked to vote in the coming primary in May to extend the tax referendum that was passed by a narrow margin five years ago. This tax referendum goes to the Lanesville schools. Looking at my tax calculation for my property, the percentage of tax that I pay for Lanesville community school is 48.9%. That is the biggest chunk of the pie. Harrison County is next with 32.6%. The rest is divided up into small perentages for the library, solid waste and Franklin Township. I say they got a lot of nerve asking me for more taxes to go to the school. I am voting no.

• Trump’s lawyers can’t defend what he has done, so they say the Democrats are trying to undo the 2016 election. That has nothing to do with his impeachment. It’s about him trying to ask a foreign country to dig up dirt on his opponents. He is like a mob boss. He tries to destroy people that don’t agree with him. … When he gets caught, he also uses diversions to get the attention away from him. He is a danger for America. He should be impeached then they need to look at his taxes and business practices since he’s been in office.