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January 29, 2020

15 years ago

Jan. 26, 2005

Harrison County residents on Saturday can tour the new animal control facility off Quarry Road and meet the animal control officer, Michael A. Gentry, during an open house from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. The facility includes an intake room, reception room, an 18-cage dog kennel, six-cage puppy room, cat room, isolation room (where an animal suspected of rabies or other communicable disease is kept), feeding room, employee rest room, which is handicapped accessible, and an euthanasia room equipped with a freezer to store carcasses until they are picked up for disposal. The commissioners last Saturday reviewed and finalized the animal control ordinance that will be necessary once the facility opens. That ordinance must yet be approved by the commissioners’ attorney and then advertised.

Harrison County Hospital has acquired the newest technology in CT scanning, the $750,000 LightSpeed16 CT system, due to be up and running on Feb. 7. According to HCH radiologist Dr. Christopher Day, “It’s so state-of-the-art that this will be the first of its kind on this side of the Ohio River.” Patients will appreciate its high-speed imaging, Clyde Melton, manager of diagnostic imaging at HCH, said; a whole body scan that used to take 20 minutes now takes 26 seconds.

After much criticism of the new sign ordinance at last week’s Harrison County Commissioners’ meeting, the board majority sent the ordinance back to its planing and zoning advisers for a rewrite. Commissioner James Goldman’s motion to do so was seconded by Jim Heitkemper, who said the ordinance was never intended to “create a hardship” for residents. Everything about the sign ordinance is now up for revision.

Corydon was the big winner Monday night when the Harrison County Council put the final spin on riverboat revenue sharing for towns. By a unanimous vote, the council approved Rhonda Rhoads’ proposal to split up the usual three percent in revenue sharing by population rather than equally among the 10 incorporated towns in Harrison County.

Dorothy Gale could have saved herself a lot of time and trouble in her search for her friend, the Tin Man. The lass didn’t need to go to Emerald City to see the Wizard, but to Ramsey, where tickers are made abnormally large. North Harrison’s varsity boys’ basketball team trailed 10-0 at the start and stared at a deficit that stretched to as many as 21 points late in the third quarter. North Harrison’s moxie became abundantly clear, however, as the club fought back to send the Mid-Southern Conference game against Salem into overtime. The Lions went away with an 85-80 win.

Deaths: Arthur Senn Jr., 72; Mary J. Flick, 65; Melvin Manship, 61; Shalonda Lowe, 10; Murl S. Wade Sr., 80; Dorothy A. King, 71; Herman Fravel, 102; Lorena M. Allen, 90; Guy Carpenter, 82; Modell S. Burt, 90; Gladys Byerley, 84; James R. Davis, 73; H. Ramsey, 84; Curtis Mills, 72; Helen V. Spencer, 91; Callie Howard, 84; Gail D. Enlow, 78.

25 years ago

Feb. 1, 1995

The small, close-knit community of Lanesville is dealing with a tragedy of tremendous magnitude following a two-car crash Saturday night that claimed the lives of five men and left a sixth man in serious condition. Thomas Jeffries, 57, and Stephen A. (Pee Wee) Keinsley, 56, both of Lanesville, and James T. Woodcock, 50, of Georgetown, died at the scene from multiple injuries, according to Harrison County Coroner Paul Cesar. Jeffries, as well as two other Lanesville men, Russel W. Hussung, 56, and Donald L. Litch, 56, were passengers in the back seat of the Chrysler New Yorker driven by Donald J. Schueler, also of Lanesville. Keinsley was in the front passenger seat. They were eastbound on S.R. 64. Hussung died shortly after being admitted to the emergency room at Floyd Memorial Hospital in New Albany, police said. Litch and Schueler were taken by STAT Flight air ambulance to University of Louisville Hospital, where Litch died Sunday afternoon.

Officials are taking aim at mailbox batterers. Meeting Jan. 17 in Corydon, postmasters and postal workers of the Hoosier Hills Postmasters Association of Harrison and Crawford counties discussed possible solutions with Postal Inspector Loren Newlen of Evansville; Marie Stivers, manager of postal operations in Louisville; Corydon Postmaster Carmen Proffitt; and other officials. Postmasters have been getting frequent complaints from customers that their mailboxes are being torn down, sometimes two to three times a week. Proffitt said folks in Harrison County are becoming increasingly agitated as they continue to replace mailboxes.

Harrison County Assessor Patricia Wolfe, who took office last month, is initiating several changes, including video taping of houses. Ray Hickman, former county assessor for eight years, will begin videotaping each residence in Harrison County. When possible, the township official will be with him, she added. The data will be processed and entered in the computer in the county assessor’s office over the next three years, and then every year thereafter as new houses are constructed. Indiana is now conducting reassessments every four years instead of every 10 years. The locally elected township assessors or assessor-trustees are beginning the process of building a tax base with the assessment of personal property mobile homes.

Crawford County and North Harrison both feasted on turnovers by their respective foes last night in the first round of the Corydon Central girls’ basketball sectional. As a result, the Lady Pack and the Lady Cats will collide in tomorrow night’s semifinals following the South Central-Perry Central 6 p.m. matchup. Crawford County (12-7) opened the tourney with a 49-30 win over Lanesville (4-14), while North Harrison (15-4) followed with a 53-36 victory over Corydon Central (6-13).

Deaths: Russell W. Hussung, 56; Thomas Jeffries, 57; Stephen A. (Pee Wee) Keinsley, 56; Donald L. Litch, 56; James T. Woodcock, 50; Madge Frakes, 88; William E. Jones, 74; Earl B. Thomas, 81; Ruth Hartman, 84; Cleatus Collins, 77; Marvin Saunders, 71; Nettie House Weddington, 98; William Askren, 68; Kenneth Shickle, 66; Esther Spencer, 60; Kepley Whitten, 77; John W. Mitchell, 58; the Rev. Harlan F. Mayfield; Johnny Lawshe, 73; William R. Forrester, 77; Edith L. Voyles, 95; Clyde Henriott, 85; Roy Keith Gurtz, 45; Bobby G. McNeill Sr., 57; James A. Damon, 71; Thomas L. Donohoo Sr., 53; the Rev. Harrell T. Hack Sr., 44; Lula Slaughterback, 83; Eugene H. Artlip, 78; Lois B. Dutschke, 84; Herman Woods, 78.

50 years ago

Jan. 28, 1970

Two Harrison County men and two Crawford County men were winners of the 1969 Tom Wallace Farm Forestry Awards contest. Clarence Kaiser of Eckerty won for his grass and woodland conservation, William B. Doolittle of Corydon for planting of 10,000 seedlings, Francis Hess of Lanesville for timber stand improvement, and Marshall Judd of Crawford County for timber stand improvement.

Jack Fried and Paul Deatrick were among the January draftees from Harrison County to be called under the new lottery system. Jerry Lee Cunningham’s induction was delayed because of the death of his grandfather.

Barbara Chanley has returned from a skiing trip to Innsbruck, Austria. She accompanied 69 members of the Louisville Travel Club. She and her younger brother, Billie Joe, learned the art of skiing a few months ago at Boyne Mountain in Michigan.

Michael Miller, son of Mrs. Diane Miller, has enlisted in the U.S. Army and expects to be inducted Feb. 6. His enlistment is for three years.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Donald Quebbeman, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cunningham, Dorothy Cox, Mrs. Ivan Windell, girls — Rosie Tyree, Deborah Vaught, Mrs. J. Vincent Shuck, Mrs. Jerome Bye, Mrs. Ronald Playtek.

Deaths: Ralph Pearson, 84; Dora Schifcar, 78; Jessie L. Hutsell, 91; Mrs. Marie Shirley, 77; Clarence Brown, 73; Wayne Cunningham Sr., 77; Geneva Haub Vessels, 45; Thomas Winburn.

65 years ago

Jan. 26, 1955

The New Salisbury Tigers upset the Elizabeth Pirates in the basketball final of the Harrison County tourney Saturday night. The score was 41-40, snapping a 14-game winning streak built up by the Pirates and brought to an end the three-year domination of the tourney by Elizabeth.

Clarence Crecelius will go to Charleston, W.Va., on Feb. 1 where he will become manager of the W.W. Granger Store.

Fort Knox-bound for induction into the armed forces Monday were Edward Richmer, James Vernon Denbo and Russell Quebbeman.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sweat from Mount Pleasant in Perry County are the new proprietors of the grocery at Corydon Junction.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Donald Crecelius, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carver, Mr. and Mrs. Von Grune, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Batman, Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Wiseman, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Patterson; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Jay Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin LaHue, Mr. and Mrs. Cort Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bays, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Fouts, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kutter.

Deaths: Mrs. Purvin Hart, 68; W.D. Carr, 88; Robert W. Grant, 68; James S. Cartwright, 69; Mrs. Nannie Foster, 65; Frederick Spatig, 84; William Leffler, 80; Amy Brown, 65; Sondra Lou and Ronda Sue Heintz, twins, 7; Walter O. Neely, 63; Edward J. Emily, 63; John Felock Jr., 55.

75 years ago

Jan. 31, 1945

Lt. James Sturgis Jr. was killed in action. He was a fighter pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps. Sgt. Melvin Didelot is reported missing Jan. 12. He is with the infantry division in Belgium.

“The Eagles” of Franklin Township High School of Lanesville, who were undefeated this season, capture the county basketball tourney.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Franks, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Smith; girl — Capt. and Mrs. Wayne Bye.

Deaths: George W. Fink, 77; Otto C. Kopp, 50; Fielding Adamson, 86; Walter G. Crosier, 74; Clara Bach, 41; Anna Turvey, 71; Peter Stewart, 75; Alonzo Lee, 78; Charles Martin, 76; Manton Windell, 72.

100 years ago

Feb. 4, 1920

Roscoe Brewster of Chicago spent Tuesday with home folks here. He has held an important position with a railroad company and has headquarters in Chicago.

Marshall Saffer, of this place, has rented a house at Corydon Junction, where he will move his family soon. He will work on the new high school building to be erected by Oscar Luther, of Webster Township.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. George Bliss; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan Crosier, Mr. and Mrs. James Crosier.

Deaths: Charles Mill; Harve LaHue; Mrs. Eliza Stewart, 82; Mrs. Sarah E. Miller, 69; Rosa Herthel, 20.