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Large animal acts not necessary to make circuses fun

When people think of the circus, they think of clowns, trapeze artists, jugglers and animal acts. Fun for everyone.  However, circuses are not fun for the animals. For approximately 48 weeks of the year, elephants are kept in chains and other large animals kept in cages until it’s “show time.”

According to experts, this constant tethering or confinement can result in a state of psychological distress. So, it’s not surprising when one of these animals attacks its trainer, and that’s why letting your children ride an elephant is risky because you never know when one will decide to make a break for freedom.

According to the federal Animal Welfare Act, this constant confinement isn’t considered “cruelty,” even though, in our society, such confinement of people is considered punishment. So, why do we consider it different for animals?

The Kosair Shriners do excellent work. However, they could expand their compassion by hiring only circuses that do not have large animal acts, which would be just as entertaining to the kids.

If you go to the circus, have empathy for the animals because after the show the elephants go back to their chains and the other animals back in their cages.

William Wilson | Jeffersonville, Ind.