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January 22, 2020

January 22, 2020 January 22, 2020

• I would like to comment on the person that put the Live Wire (comment) in about the Mainstream. I agree with the caller about I think they need to finish in the Harrison County area before they move on. We would like to see it come in the Mauckport area.

• I frequent 1816 (restaurant in) downtown (Corydon) several times per week, mostly for carryout. Parking is typically full, which is OK; I don’t mind to walk around the square. The thing that gets me though is, in the very first spot after the handicap, a Jeep Renegade is parked there (nearly) every day. I assume this person works somewhere on that street but not at 1816. If you own a business down there, would you not require employees to park at Bicentennial Park? Older people may not be willing to walk, so they just lost business. Whether it be printing business, restaurant or jewelry, I would think they all would want staff to park elsewhere.

• I think someone needs to let Nancy Pelosi know that she is not the president. It’s just sickening to see how she is trying to run this country, holding on to those impeachment papers for as long as she did … I think she needs to go back to California and become a grandmother to her grandkids and to quit trying to run our nation. She’s wanting to run it in the ground. Thank God for a good president. Thank God for President Trump. Our economy is doing great. We’re a nation that is safe because of our armed forces. We’re a blessed people. …

• I just read in the paper, I think it was the New Albany Tribune, it said Rep. Chris Campbell, Democrat, has authored a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to get a card or permit by showing their tax identification number so they can get a driver’s license. I think this is asinine. First of all, they’re not going to have a tax identification number because they’re illegal aliens. And why should they ever be able to get a driver’s license or anything like that if they’re an illegal alien? I’m sorry. This is quite asinine in my opinion.

• I’m sorry, but the government doesn’t want to take care of our own citizens in some different ways. How should I start on that? Homeless veterans, whatever. So why should we be catering to illegal immigrants? The key word here is illegal. Illegal.

• I’m calling about the traffic on Heth-Washington Road. It is posted at 40 miles an hour, but most drivers are going 60, including a lot of loud pick-up trucks. We need radar on this road. It isn’t even safe to go to the mailbox.

• My call is to make people aware that the State of Indiana no longer maintains culverts on the state right-of-ways. In the winter, when we have flash freezes, it’s apparent where the water overflows the road and freezes. I’ve been in touch with Karen Engleman’s office, state (representative) for District 70, and Erin Houchin’s. I don’t know where all this paper goes, but Indiana has decided not to maintain the right-of-ways. I’m not mad, but the result is ice over the roads in the winter, floods and wet places in the road. They will not pay for culvert now though it’s their right-of-way, and they’ll tell you that. So, you need to get a hold of your representative and tell them about it.

• We still have plenty of winter left and it’s going to be cold for a while so, please, remember if you seen any animals, especially dogs, outside without any shelter. They should have a sturdy doghouse with plenty of straw or bedding. If you seen any animal outside without this, please contact Harrison (County) Animal Control.