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January 15, 2020

January 15, 2020 January 15, 2020

• Twenty-one states have raised the minimum wage for 2020. Indiana isn’t one of them. Why (does it appear) our legislature (is) ignoring the working poor?

• Mainstream fiber internet has been connected to 81% of Harrison County, says a recent article in The Corydon Democrat newspaper. That leaves 19% not connected. Those not connected most likely are those residing on streets where homes are spaced farther apart as is typical in rural areas. I am guessing this 81% includes the original backbone and businesses in the Corydon area. In order for the remaining 19% to get connected, Mainstream first requires approximately 70% of each area to complete an online survey expressing interest. Many find this difficult on their existing DSL service. Once the area reaches 70% showing interest, they now need to say they are ready to be connected. By the way, if one of your neighbors decides not to allow cable to be laid across their property, they can prevent customers on the other side from getting service. Do the 81% already connected have to meet these same requirements? Mainstream is now looking to expand into Floyd County. I think it would be forthcoming for Mainstream to lay cable in the remaining 19% before proceeding to other areas. Those residing in this 19% area should not be slighted as they desire this service as much as the 81% already connected.

• The paper said that the Harrison County Council members did not attend a single planning and design meeting for the courthouse repairs and had no idea what the repairs would cost. Harrison County Council members get paid about $14,000 per year. If the council members attend 24 scheduled meetings per year, that’s about $583 per meeting plus a few budgeting meetings. Sounds like a pretty good gig. Seems to me the Harrison County Council members owe the taxpayers a little more time than just two meetings per month.

• It is definitely the end of an era. I can’t believe it, but after, I believe, 30 or 31 years there is officially no more Classic Style beauty shop salon in Corydon. Mickey Hendrich decided to retire and close the shop after doing hair for all those years, and her daughter, Andrea is, I believe, going to do hair in her new house part time a couple days a week. So, I just wanted to say congratulations on retirement and good luck, and it is definitely the end of an era. That shop was a staple in this community for years and years and years. They started out by the old IGA back there in the corner and then they went out by the JayC store and then they ended up down on Water Street in Corydon and they are officially closed, and I just wanted to say goodbye and good luck and thank you for all the years of friendship. Good luck, girls. We love you.

• I was just wondering something. They passed a law in Indiana, and, well, I guess all over where you can’t buy the tobacco products and vapor products with nicotine in them and stuff for kids under 21. Well, what do you do if their parents do it and they know they’re doing it, but they will buy it for their kids and their friends will do it? So, is there any consequences for the people that’s buying them for kids under age? I’d like to know. If anybody knows, put something in Live Wire next week.

• A few weeks ago, a balloon with one of those candles like you light on the Fourth of July landed in my backyard at Pennington Chapel Church. It had four notes taped to it which read: “I am a teacher. I am a strong powerful woman.” The second one: “Health, Wealth, School.” The third: “Be my soulmate. Be brave. Be me.” And the fourth: “Find my passion and job. Travel. Be happy. Make enough money to feel secure. Be able to treat people and give back.” If you want it returned, call Live Wire. I thought it might be a school project.

• There is someone in the Town of Lanesville at the Jaycee building that is trying to run the recycling from the Jaycee building and … so I thought it was a good thing to put in the Live Wire.

• Please be careful, everyone. Scammers at work again. Grandson hurt and in trouble. Even gave a case number, so I’d know when the lawyer calls back it would be for him.

• I think it’s awful how people are abusing these animals. It’s horrible. Something has got to be done or it’s only going to get worse.

• Yeah, you’re darn right that pharmacist knows that she could sell that pill for cheaper (referenced in a commercial in a previous Live Wire call). Yes, she knew it, but, no, she had to see if she could get the higher price out of you. …