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Indiana Bones, a one-stop taxidermy

Indiana Bones, a one-stop taxidermy
Indiana Bones, a one-stop taxidermy
Brian Johnson is the owner of Indiana Bones, a taxidermy shop located in Corydon. Photo by J.C. Lyell
J.C. Lyell, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Corydon has a new one-stop shop for wildlife enthusiasts or hunters, trappers and anglers with Indiana Bones Taxidermy. The business opened in September, and owner/operator Brian Johnson of New Albany said he’s now available for taxidermy needs five days a week. He encourages lovers of the outdoors to stop in to view his work and discuss future wildlife recreations.

“I do mainly North American small and large game, birds and fish,” he said. “Anything but reptiles.”

In addition to taxidermy, Johnson also does retail tanning, and he’s a licensed fur buyer.

“My No. 1 priority is memorializing my customers’ outdoor experience, understanding quality takes precedence, but ensuring a reasonably-priced and timely turnaround,” he said.

Growing up in Dearborn County, Johnson said he always has enjoyed spending time outdoors. Though he was more of a fisherman growing up, he said he developed an interest in the craft after going on several hunting trips around the country with friends he met while serving in the Air Force.

“I just like being outside. I’ll be out in a deer stand for eight hours and just be completely at peace,” he said.

After retiring from the military, Johnson studied at the Montana School of Taxidermy and Tanning and followed that up with an apprenticeship under some of the school’s professionals, a husband and wife with 70 years combined experience.

He’s now in his second year as a professional taxidermist, but Johnson said he experimented with the craft for six or seven years as a hobby before pursuing it professionally.

Johnson decided on Cory-
don as the place for a brick-and-mortar operation because of its people, he said.

“I chose Corydon because it was a beautiful community and (because of) its many like-minded hunting enthusiasts,” Johnson said.

He also noted that Harrison County harvests more deer than any other county in the state.

So far, Johnson said he has enjoyed bonding with those in the community who share his interests in animals, hunting and the craft.

“It doesn’t even feel like a job to me; it’s just something I’m passionate about,” he said.

After an animal has been processed, Johnson can take over and skin, flesh, salt, pickle, shave, tan, mount and paint the game all in-house.

“I do everything in-shop; nothing leaves here,” he said.

Taxidermy is a time-sensitive business, Johnson said, and not needing to wait on shipping and third-party services enables him to do a quality job without relying on commercial tanneries.

“(It) allows me to control every aspect of the taxidermy process, ensuring quality, control over costs and, ultimately, a quicker return time to my customers,” he said.

Indiana Bones Taxidermy, located at 1500 S.R. 62 NE, is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Consultation appointments can be booked by calling 812-914-2393.

The shop offers 10% off for veterans, first responders and farmers on all business.

Visit for more information, or see Indiana Bones Taxidermy on Facebook.