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January 8, 2020

January 8, 2020 January 8, 2020

• This is about two drivers on Harrison-Heth Road every morning at around 5 o’clock in the morning making a lot of noise going up and down hills and waking me up. I want it stopped.

• I went to Walmart on Dec. 19 to try to get my Christmas shopping done, and I wanted a man’s scarf. And, holy be; they did not have a man’s scarf. I realize they cannot have everything. Also, I couldn’t hardly find anybody to help me. You would think at Christmastime, if Walmart wanted to make some money, they would put on some extra help or something. Also, we need competition for Walmart because a lot of people, for some reason or another, can’t go all the way to Clarksville to do their shopping when they can’t find what they need here in Corydon. So, who is over control of bringing stores in here? We need another clothing store. I think so. I wonder how many other people think so. I used to like to shop at Walmart, but, here lately, it’s really depressing. Also, I’m not a self-checking person, and I’m sure a lot of people are not. Now, you don’t have just a few lines of the regular lines. I mean, come on, Walmart; let’s do better than this. …

• I just saw on the news where 20 horses were shot to death in eastern Kentucky. Two days later, six Siberian huskies and two German shepherds were found dumped by the side of the road. Three of them were completely shot to death. Two days later, you hear on the news where all them dogs were starved to death. How in the world can people be so mean and cruel to animals? It’s just horrible.

• I agree with the person that (commented) in the paper in Live Wire about that mess on North Road and Hancock Chapel. Why in the world would anyone do something like that? It’s an eyesore, and it’s bad for our community. I wish something could be done about it, too.

• Thank you, Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor, for the chuckle I got from reading in the paper, Jan. 1 edition, about Busy B’s open for business, where it says that (Chris) Byrd said he recalled his father, Edsel Byrd, washed the family nearly every week. Well, I’m glad he washed his family. At least they had a bath every week. I know it was supposed to say car but that was omitted for some reason. But anyway, you gave me a chuckle. Happy New Year.
Editor’s note: Yes, the word “vehicle” was omitted in the cutline about Busy B’s Car Wash for no apparent reason other than I’m human.

• Some 2020 resolutions: (indecipherable), educate others and adopt and foster.

• Today is Jan. 1. My family came from out of town to celebrate the new year. We booked three rooms at (Caesars Southern Indiana Hotel and Casino) with my nieces that are not 18 or older. Was thinking of having a wonderful time until we discovered there were no accommodations for our children to eat dinner. The restaurants are in the casino; the café in the hotel is not available 24 hours or even daily. I am outraged that nowhere does it say no one under 21 is accommodated.

• I was just wondering. I go to the Dollar Store quite a bit down at Central, and, if you go in there on Saturdays, a lot of times, it’s been different girls but they’re in there with a whole shopping cart full of stuff and they’re using coupons and stuff and you get behind them and there’s nothing you can do but they … got customers backed up … I mean it’s just crazy the way they’re doing down there.

• Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the (editorial) about the CDC and support for gun research and well-written (editorial), well researched. I support funding for additional research as it relates to gun violence.

• I just wanted to say … I worked at the old downtown courthouse for almost 11 years. I cleaned the first floor … and there never once was white mold or mildew on any of the chairs. I don’t know where that came from … I just wanted to give my opinion. I personally think that they should close down the old courthouse — everybody should move — and turn it into a homeless shelter or low-income apartments or something.