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Corydon Town Council changes meeting dates

Corydon Town Council changes meeting dates
Corydon Town Council changes meeting dates
Harrison Superior Judge Joseph (Joe) Claypool swears in the new Corydon Town Council members Doug Castetter, left, Lester (Les) Rhoads, Eva Bates North, Paul Hamann and Tyson Uhl and Clerk-Treasurer Tregala (Treggie) King during an organizational meeting Thursday night. Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor
Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor, Editor, [email protected]

With four of its five members newly elected, the Corydon Town Council had an organizational meeting Thursday night.

Following a welcome by Clerk-Treasurer Tregala M. (Treggie) King, who is beginning another four-year term, the pledge of allegiance and the swearing in of council members and King by Harrison Superior Court Judge Joseph (Joe) Claypool, the first order of business was electing a president.

Lester (Les) Rhoads, a Republican who defeated Rachel Baelz for the Third Ward seat, received the nod with a 4-1 vote. Eva Bates North, the lone carry-over from the previous council who served the past four years as president, voted against. North, an Independent, represents the First Ward.

Chris Byrd, who was retained as legal counsel, questioned whether the board wished to establish the length of term for the office, which they agreed, by a 4-1 vote (North against), to make four years.

Republican Paul Hamann, the Second Ward representative who defeated Roger L. (Buck) McGraw, an Independent, in his bid for re-election, was chosen vice president by a 4-1 vote (North opposed).

The council unanimously approved changing its meeting dates from the second and fourth Mondays of each month to the first and third Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

Tyson Uhl, the council’s Fourth Ward representative, also a Republican who succeeds Mark Parks, who didn’t seek re-election, made a motion asking for all contracts signed by the council since Nov. 1.

“We just want to review them to see what we can and can’t do,” said Doug Castetter, a Republican who claimed the Fifth Ward seat from Chris Mattingly in his bid for re-election.

The motion, seconded by Rhoads, passed 4-1 (Bates opposed).

Moving on to other items he said constituents had mentioned to him, Uhl asked if there is a limit on spending by town employees before the purchase has to come before the council.

“Daily operations, we don’t usually run past the board,” King said. “Large amounts are run before the council.”

Rand Heazlitt, the town manager, said purchases over $50,000 must go before the council.

Uhl made a motion, which passed, to change that amount to $5,000.

When Heazlitt asked how he should handle expenditures over $5,000 that need to be made between meetings, Uhl said he could call the town council president.

“Contact me and we can decide,” Rhoads said.

Regarding water well heads at Mauckport that haven’t been cleaned in 20 years, Rhoads suggested they seek bids for the work.

“There’s not a lot (of companies) in the area,” Heazlitt said, adding that now is the best time of year to do that type of work.

“If it’s not an emergency, I think we should check for a second bid,” Uhl said.

Several board appointments were made, with many of the motions made by Rhoads. Among them were: John D. Kintner to the Harrison County Regional Sewer District; Cecil Trobaugh, Alcoholic Beverage Commission; Hamann, River Hills Economic Development District; James Thomas and Tim Johnson, Corydon Board of Zoning Appeals; and Uhl, Corydon Planning and Zoning Commission.

The town council was to have its first regular meeting last night (Tuesday).