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Rise of technology defines a decade

Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

A decade ago, viewers would have to wait until their favorite show was on TV to watch it. Now, they just need to log in to nearly any streaming platform to find it at any time.

People used to take taxis. Now, an app finds a stranger’s car for them to ride in.

People used to meet others in bars or were set up on dates by friends. Now, they swipe “yes” or “no” on photos of their faces.

With the 2010s ending and the 2020s beginning, many people are looking back on what this past decade will be remembered by. The resounding answer is technology. Whether it be for better or worse, it seems to have defined this decade.

Brittany Gwinn, a 32-year-old Lanesville resident, said that when she thinks back on the 2010s, she will think not only of the rise of technology, but of how much simpler it is for children to pick it up and use.

“I feel like we had most of this technology before 2010, but it really took off in this decade, especially with younger people,” Gwinn said. “Like, even my nieces and nephews can show me things they learned on iPads. I never would have been able to do that at their age. They can pull up their favorite TV show faster than I can.”

Movies and television have seen an increase in technology, design and production in this decade. The Marvel franchise alone has added more than 20 films to its repertoire since 2010.

Travis Nelson, a 28-year-old Corydon resident, said he will remember the 2010s as his favorite decade as a consumer of media.

“You can’t think of this decade and not think about ‘The Avengers’ or any Marvel movie, ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Star Wars’ and Netflix series like ‘Stranger Things,’ right?” Nelson said. “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved watching TV and movies, but it just seems like in these 10 years they have just upped the ante for quality content, and I am absolutely loving it.”

The content Nelson speaks of can be consumed in many more diverse ways than prior to the 2010s. At any given time, someone can be watching Netflix on their phone or streaming at their house on multiple TVs, or simply seeing a clip while scrolling through social media.

“The ease of use is just crazy,” Nelson said. “I can basically access anything I want at any time. It might be through an app or it might just show up on my Facebook simply because I was talking about it. I barely have to search for anything anymore; my phone knows what I want to see before I do at this point.”

While it seems that technology is taking over, Gwinn said she believes there are a lot of positive benefits to how it has helped in this decade.

“People can buy vacuums that clean the house for them, I can ask my ‘Alexa’ what the weather is like outside without having to look it up myself and my Apple watch will tell me how many calories I burn when I find the time to work out,” said Gwinn. “Technology gives me more free time to be with my kids, and it, honestly, has made my life so much easier. I think it will only get better, too, as time goes on.”