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December 18, 2019

December 18, 2019 December 18, 2019

• In reply to Mr. Super Bowl, your comments about J.Lo and women’s physiques are just offensive. Do you think you still live in the 1940s? Stop treating women like eye candy and learn to respect them for who they are and not what they look like. And, since you are such an eye pleaser, send in a photo for all to see and judge, Mr. Stud Muffin.

• That small blonde dog you dumped was only a snack. The lab was almost lunch. That big mixed breed was a full meal. Why are you feeding that pack of coyotes that live near here? Stop it! Stop it. Take your animals to an animal shelter.

• To the person that called in complaining about the commissioners voting in a junkyard ordinance, I would like to say I do not appreciate you collecting junk in your yard that devalues my property. I say kudos to the commissioners. It’s long overdue.

• Somebody needs to inform Lee Hamilton that we do not live in a representative democracy. I realize that Lee Hamilton wishes that we lived in a democracy, any kind of democracy, but we do not. We live in a representative republic. They need to quit using that word democracy because it in itself is a lie. Democracy is mob rule, and this country is not ran by a mob, yet.

• I see in the paper the commissioners approved a new junkyard ordinance. Whoever’s in charge of that might want to take a little drive down Hisey Road in Heth Township.

• I drive by the (Harrison County) Hospital on a regular basis. There are a minimum of four and frequently five streetlights on during the daylight every day of the week. Each one of those sucks a minimum of 500 watts of electricity and approximately 12 hours a day they’re wasting it. That comes out to somewhere in the neighorhood of $2.50 to $3 a day or roughly $75 to $90 a month because somebody (hasn’t) set the dimmer on the thing. …

• I need a phone number to contact an actual person at Mainstream to sign up. Online has me type in my address (far northwest Harrison County) and the machine says there’s no plan to put any lines in up here in the future.
Editor’s note: Mainstream’s office number is 1-844-752-6736.

• If Donald Trump is not guilty of the charges against him, why did he not allow people that the House subpoenaed to testify and why did he not release the documents the House wanted? If there is nothing wrong, he could have been cleared. …

• I just wanted to call in and thank Spence Wade for his observations regarding the Tea Party, which I agree with most of it. The only item that I think that I may disagree with him on is that he says the emphasis on the Christian religion leads him to conclude that the Corydon Tea Party patriots may be more of a religious organization. I think he’s wrong on that. I believe they are a cult instead.

• Hats off to the Harrison County Parks Dept. on the Country Christmas hayrides. They knocked it out of the park.

• I live on North Road in Hancock Chapel (area). What an eyesore. Every day I go to work I have to pass it. Someone knocked an old trailer down with trash and junk and just left it there. It’s been six months, and it is a total mess. Wish something could be done about it.

• To the county highway driver that does the hills down here in the south, got all these, Rabbit Hash, Dam 43, Rosewood, Mosquito Creek, Kintner Bottom, all I can say for you, bud, I understand you’re all new, most of you’s new down here. Tighten up that seat belt because it changes year by year. I feel sorry for you.