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Bube ‘Highway Supervisor of Year’

Bube ‘Highway Supervisor of Year’ Bube ‘Highway Supervisor of Year’

The Indiana Association of County Commissioner recently announced that Glen Bube, Harrison County highway superintendent, was selected IACC’s “2019 Outstanding County Highway Supervisor of the Year.” The award is in recognition of his contributions made to county government throughout his years of public service.

Bube began working at the Harrison County Highway Dept. on April 14, 1980, at the rate of $4.13 an hour and is now in his 39th year of employment. He began in a small equipment operator position, moved up to a foreman position, went on to be the bridge crew foreman and has served as highway superintendent since 1999.

He has been called an “invaluable resource” for his department because of his knowledge of everything that has transpired, not only in the highway department, but throughout the entire county during his many years of service.

The Harrison County Highway Dept. has changed during the past few years. Those changes have included structural reorganization, the construction of a new facility and moving out of the old highway garage facility and into the new. Bube played a critical role in all of these things. His nomination stated that “Without his support, input and hard work, our county would not be where they are today.”

Bube has completed LTAP’s Road Scholar training courses, achieving the certification of “Road Builder” and “Master Road Builder.” Year after year, he has led the way helping to manage major road improvements in addition to regular maintenance throughout his county, the nomination continued.

The achievement award was given during the IACC’s 2019 annual conference, the largest gathering of county commissioners in the state. The three-day conference included several workshops and breakout sessions that were designed specifically for county commissioners and their support staff. Bube and others attended several training workshops concerning such county related topics focusing on the conference theme “Sharing Solutions,” where they shared solutions in many areas of local government and focused on Cyber Security, Wastewater Planning, Economic Development, Indiana Jails in Distress, Emergency Preparedness and Resiliency, Road and Bridge Funding, Road Safety Planning and more.

State Sen. Rodric Bray, who serves as the leader of the Indiana Senate as the President Pro Tempore, was the keynote speaker for the conference, sharing information about current issues related to local government, infrastructure and the mental health and addiction problem that is causing jail overcrowding in many Indiana counties. He has been a long-time partner of the IACC and is committed to improving the lives of all Hoosiers.

The Indiana Association of County Commissioners is a non-profit organization established to provide the best education, leadership support and advocacy services for county commissioners to strengthen their influence throughout Indiana. The objectives of the association are: to promote cooperation of the county unit with all other units of local government (cities, towns, township, etc.) and with state and federal agencies; and to promote improvement and efficiency in the delivery of county government services. The various functions of the IACC include serving as liaison among counties, state and federal agencies, lobbying the Indiana General Assembly on behalf of county commissioners, as well as providing technical assistance and training to county commissioners and support staff.