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Items once important seem gone from Tea Party’s beliefs

I am writing in reference to a recent letter to the editor from the moderator of the Corydon Tea Party Patriots. I am not an expert on the Tea Party, but I have followed it with some interest since its inception 10 or so years ago. What surprised me by the letter was that the items of importance on which the Tea Party was established did not seem to matter anymore.

The two main concerns of the Tea Party that helped in its creation were the government deficit and the Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care. I might add that the Tea Party has backed away from the ACA since today most polls show a majority of Americans now support its provisions.

As for the deficit, I was shocked there was no outcry in the letter about the rising deficit under President Trump. Members of the Tea Party used to go to town hall meetings and yell at their congressman and Obama about the deficit. I wonder why they are not doing that now since it is nearing $1 trillion this year. When Trump was elected, it was around $500 billion. This leads me to believe the Tea Party is not an independent organization but simply a branch of the Republican Party. In fact, in his letter the moderator praises Trump for his actions. This is unusual since his actions have, in fact, created the huge deficit. Case in point, the tax cut he was able to get through Congress, 70% of which went to the rich, is a big part of the deficit increase.

The moderator also mentions the deficit getting to zero if congress wouldn’t obstruct. May I remind the Tea Party that the first two years of Trump’s presidency, Congress was controlled by his own party yet the deficit kept soaring.

Another item in the letter that surprised me was the emphasis on religion. Not religion in general, but Christian religion. This leads me to conclude that the Corydon Tea Party Patriots may be more of a religious organization than part of a political party. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said there should always be a wall of separation between our government and religion. The founding fathers even put it in the Constitution.

I would also suggest that they not recommend Pat Robertson as an unbiased person to take advice from. The things Robertson has said about women, blacks and gays are disgusting and something to be avoided. I would imagine that evangelicals must go to church each Sunday asking forgiveness for supporting such a sinful man as President Trump, and I won’t even get into the sins this man has committed.

In general, I was disappointed with the comments in the letter because I was under the impression that the Tea Party was an independent group. And for everyone’s information, the largest tax cut for the middle class in modem American history was in 2009 under President Obama. You know you can google this stuff.

I don’t want to disparage anyone or group from becoming involved in the political process. I would only hope they would keep an open mind and evaluate all views. For example, I would hope we all could agree that, when it comes to women, former President Clinton is a despicable person as well as President Trump with the vile and disgusting comments he has made about women among other things. When we begin to agree, only then will the people of this country start to come together.

Spence Wade, Leavenworth, Ind.