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December 11, 2019

December 11, 2019 December 11, 2019

• Would the persons that maintain the veterans monument in downtown Corydon please remove the green, thorned bushes that’s covered the veterans’ names over? They should be visible from all directions.

• What has happened to the 2016 bicentennial quilt? Where is it? Why has it seemingly disappeared? The bicentennial quilt was made by nine local women as a fundraiser for the enrichment of the artisan center in honor of Indiana’s 200th birthday. The citizens of Harrison County purchased quilt blocks and chose what they wanted hand-embroidered on their blocks such as historical places or family information. For a while, the bicentennial quilt was displayed in the Discovery Center. Now it’s gone and no one seems to know where it is. The citizens who purchased the quilt blocks and the ladies who made the quilt deserved and expected the quilt to be displayed.
Editor’s note: Barb Ehinger, director of the Harrison County Discovery Center, explained the status of the Bicentennial Quilt: “After consultation with the textile director of the Indiana State Museum, we were told that the quilt is too heavy to display for more than a short period of time. To preserve the integrity of the quilt, it has been packed in preservation quality, acid-free paper and kept in low-humidity storage at the Discovery Center. It is displayed twice a year; it will be displayed again in January.”

• At my work, you’ve got to pass a drug test and, while you’re working there, they give you random drug tests, and that’s a good thing because it makes a safe work environment. This here is my problem is these people that’s getting food stamps. I understand there’s kids out there because their parents won’t work and stuff and they need food. But, their parents ought to be made to pass a drug test, you know, randomly or when they apply for food stamps they ought to have to pass a drug test and, if they fail it, then cut them off and search into that family more to see if they need to do something with their kids. Do they need to be put in a home or something? Because everybody knows if you’re on some kind of drugs, … if you can afford to buy any kind of drug that’s illegal or on the streets, then you can afford to feed your kids. But, there’s a lot in this country that don’t want to work. They get their food stamps, and that’s not fair to anybody that’s paying taxes.

• Well, I guess we’re gonna have to look at J.Lo’s big fat butt on Super Bowl Sunday this year. I don’t know why they can’t get some little skinny butt up there … Who wants to see it? She can’t sing any way.

• I am appalled at the attitude of some (Harrison) County council members toward animal control. Apparently, they think animal control should just euthanize unwanted dogs and cats, which is cheaper than trying to re-home them, which would cost a little more. …

• The Country Christmas Hayrides through Hayswood (Nature Reserve) are a great addition to this community. I was really impressed with the beautiful displays. The lights are colorful. The wagons are decorated and comfortable. You don’t want to miss this.
Editor’s note: Additional rides are scheduled for Dec. 12, 13 and 14. Tickets are available at the Harrison County Parks Dept. and the Wright Interpretive Center in downtown Corydon. For more information, call 812-738-8236.

• I see the Harrison County Board of Commissioners has voted in a junkyard ordinance, which sounds like it’s just taking away my property rights. … A $150 a day fine sounds like a way to add to your property taxes … Let’s all remember to vote for new commissioners.

• To all who remember the Blue River Café in Milltown, wouldn’t it be great to bring its food and entertainment to a venue in Corydon? Just a thought.

• Kudos to Feeder’s Supply, HEART Humane Society volunteers and Santa for the pet photos with Santa last weekend. Our three dogs’ photos are wonderful. They have the photo session this coming weekend also, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Support our local business Feeder’s Supply and the humane society.