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November 27, 2019

November 27, 2019 November 27, 2019
  • Dr. Mark Eastridge, superintendent of the South Harrison Community School Corp., responds to a previous Live Wire comment: The board of school trustees adjusted the hourly rates of support staff (e.g. facilities, food service, instructional assistants, bus monitors, office personnel, etc.) by $1 per hour effective Nov. 18, 2018, and by an additional $1 effective Oct. 6, 2019. This represents an overall increase of $2, which equates to a percentage-based increase between 9.5% to 20% for these employees during this period of time.
  • I’ve seen where the teachers in Indiana all went to the capital. … Well, it’s like this. If I want paid, I’ve got to go to work … why did they have to take off a day where school was scheduled? Why couldn’t they have took off back in the fall when they had their fall break? And they got Christmas break coming up, and they got spring break. They got breaks all year long. … I understand that they’re teachers and stuff, but there’s something wrong with the education system to begin with. … So, I think they ought to grow up and do their jobs …
  • Tuesday night of this week we went to one of my favorite places, Derby Dinner Playhouse, and we took our grandsons with us, and they were ages from 12 to 9. We had a great dinner, as always, and we were ready to watch the show. The show we went to see was “Elf.” And in the show, an elf met the love of his life and a leading lady. There were several references made to the main goal was to get her into bed. Like I said, this seemed to be the goal. And as the night went on, the language got a little foul and it was just something we wasn’t expecting to be in that. There were other families sitting around us with young children, and it was embarrassing and very uncomfortable to have this go on while you had your young children there. So, maybe, Derby Dinner should start rating their shows. We were very disappointed with them. We’ve always gone there and always had a good time, but I think this was just a little bit out of line.
  • I noticed in last week’s edition where Frank O’Bannon was chosen in the Hall of Fame at Corydon Central High School. He attended Corydon High School. Since he was chosen, I assume this also makes former athletes from New Amsterdam, Mauckport and New Middletown also eligible for the Hall.
  • Somebody please help us who are still shoppers who go in on our own and walk and manually get everything ourselves and purchase it and then we check ourselves out. We need help. I have been knocked into by these way-too-big carts the employees are using to gather the online purchasing products … And then a lot of times we purchase things that weren’t even on our list because we saw it in the store. … We need people to help us do this correctly and help us to be able to go into stores and shop. There’s (no grocery store) in Corydon now that you can go where they’re not doing this online shopping … I’m tired of being penalized. Please someone help us. Is there somewhere we can go that we can get our products and not be pushed and shoved and made to feel that you should be online shopping?