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November 20, 2019

15 years ago

Nov. 17, 2004

Teachers from other school corporations joined in a show of solidarity with those at South Harrison during the Nov. 9 meeting of the South Harrison Community School Corp. Board of Trustees as fact-finding loomed. The fact-finding hearing will be tomorrow (Thursday) at the Corydon Central High School auditorium at 4 p.m. Attorneys from both sides are expected to state their cases before a neutral third party, which will devise an advisory report.

David R. Camm, the former Indiana State Police trooper convicted of killing his wife and two children at their Georgetown home, will be retried for murder, Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson announced Monday afternoon. The trial is expected to be shorter and less costly than the first one, which lasted about nine weeks and cost more than $900,000. The new trial could include testimony from new witnesses as well as a “confidential informant,” Henderson said.

With the cautions that “no plan is perfect,” “not all will agree with everything” and “adoption doesn’t mean you have to open up your checkbook,” Sean Hawkins, a community development expert, encouraged the Corydon Town Council last week to officially adopt the 70-page Corydon Downtown Revitalization Plan. It had been prepared during the past year by the project consultant team of DLZ Indiana LLC of Indianapolis, SDG (Strategic Development Group) of Bloomington and The Planning Workshop of Indianapolis. After some discussion and noting a few typographical errors that needed to be corrected, the board unanimously adopted the $49,870 detailed study by unanimous vote Nov. 8.

Beginning in January, Harrison County Health Dept. ratings will be displayed as A, B or C on the front door of restaurants and other food-service establishments. The Harrison County Board of Commissioners, meeting in regular session Monday night, adopted the new ordinance at the request of the health department. Commissioner Jim Heitkemper’s motion to adopt the ordinance was seconded by James Goldman. Because the two votes made up a majority of the three-member board, the chair, J.R. Eckart, was not required to vote. The ordinance is patterned after Metro Louisville’s, said Monty Schneider, a health board member, and Tracy K. Monroe, the health department sanitarian who conducts food inspections.

After the effort turned in by two players during the second half of Friday night’s season opener between Jeffersonville and North Harrison, Jeff school officials may want to erase the “William” from the gymnasium floor and rename the place Johnson & Johnson Arena, as in Lady Devil big birds Samantha (6-5) and Sabrina Johnson (6-3). The sisters combined for a third of Jeffersonville’s points; Sabrina had 14 of her team-high 16 points in the final eight minutes of the game. The host Lady Devils, ranked seventh in the latest Class 4A coaches’ poll, sailed away from North Harrison 69-45.

Deaths: Herman F. Faith, 96; Paul N. Brown, 67; John E. Mueller, 13; Samuel J. Himmelhaver, 77; Anthony V. Fiorentino, 29; Claire Smith, 85; Connie L. Allen, 51; Fay C. Shaffer, 93; James C. Gieg, 59; Eldin Herbaugh, 79; Mary E. Tuttle, 90; Beverly Coleman, 54; Scarlett Goode, 56; Alberta Brandenburg, 81; Nelson (JR) Bradshaw; Jill E. Wyman Bradshaw.

25 years ago

Nov. 23, 1994

The Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources has ruled that a Crandall builder is not constructing his house in a floodway, as first thought. “I feel like I’ve just come out of a POW camp,” said a smiling Joseph E. Denny Friday evening, after hearing the DNR’s latest ruling. “I plan on getting a good night’s sleep.” Denny, a disabled veteran, had been ordered by the DNR to stop construction of a house while they investigated to determine if the home was in the floodway of Crandall Branch, which is about 100 feet south of the construction site.

The Indiana Supreme Court Monday upheld the riverboat gambling law, clearing the way for the gaming commission to issue licenses. “We broke through this hurdle and things are going to move now,” said Darrell Voelker, director of the Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County. “It’s exciting to know that in a month or so, we will know how many applicants we will have and what great things they have in mind.” Promoter John Johnston of Chicago said the Supreme Court’s ruling is positive. Johnston is a partner with Carnival cruise and shipping lines and hopes to operate a riverboat at Bridgeport or Mauckport.

People in Harrison County have answered the United Way campaign plea with their largest pledge ever. “We can finally announce that we had a goal of $180,000,” Carol Norton, the United Way campaign chair, said at a celebration breakfast Thursday at Old Capitol United Methodist Church. “We thought we would have to work hard for that, and we did. We reached our goal.” The slogan for this year’s campaign was “There’s an answer in you.”

Four Lanesville water users showed up at the town board meeting last week to question the necessity of a rate increase. “I’m paying over $100 a month now for water and sewer,” said Doug Jacobs. “That’s more than my electric bill.” The three-member board said at its October meeting that it was time for an increase. The last raise was in 1988. “The water company really doesn’t make enough to support itself,” explained board member Trent McNally. “If you can name one business that’s not raised its rates, they’ve either been losing money or were too high to start with,” said board member Alex Szabo. “We have a condition where we’re pumping more water than we’re billing. Either there’s leaks in town, which we don’t think we have, or it’s old meters, which we do have.”

A win is a win is a win, especially in enemy territory. That’s the tune the Corydon Panthers were singing last night after they escaped from Lanesville with a hard-fought 51-43 victory in their season opener. “Lanesville’s really brought some people in here and torn them to pieces,” senior guard Jarrod Bulleit said. “We’re just glad to get the win.” “I’m really pleased,” Corydon coach Bob Pels added. “I said get me out of here with a one-point win and I’d be happy.”

Deaths: Hugh (Acie) Timberlake, 84; Inez Stephenson, 99; Margaret Byerly, 85; Marvin Missi Sr., 68; James L. Baker, 52; Gwendolynn F. LeBlanc, 73; William H. Washburn Sr., 35; Omer Talbert, 58; Leatrice Wright, 62; Marilyn L. Glass, 53; Alice L. Smith, 92; Jess Cooper; Adam Bohannon, 6; John Daugherty, 20; Pauline Pennington, 69; Allen Noble, 60; Josialee Prather; Beulah Branch, 73; Marilyn L. Hall, 67.

50 years ago

Nov. 19, 1969

Curtis Eskew, graduate of the Indiana University School of Law, who passed his Indiana State Bar Association examination recently, was sworn in yesterday in Indianapolis as a member of The Indiana Bar. He has accepted a position in the legal department of the U.S. Corps of Engineers in Louisville.

Maurice F. Goode, former Harrison County Extension Agent, will retire Jan. 1 after a 37-year career with the Extension service. A Corydon native, he served the county here from 1933 through 1963. He then served in Clark County and Area I and II and later to area administration until retirement.

James Atz has been designated “Officer in charge” at the Milltown post office. Postmaster Paul Byrum, who was Milltown postmaster more than 30 years, retired Oct. 31. Mr. Atz has served as clerk in the post office for several years and previously worked for his father, Edward Atz, in the hardware store.

Four young men left Harrison County Wednesday for induction into the Army. They were Charles Nordhoff of New Salisbury, Lester Melton of Corydon, Bobbie Maymon of Georgetown and Richard A. Windell of Corydon.

Births: Boys — Marie Bolen, Sharon Neafus, Wanda Cropper, Mrs. Larry Venis; girls — Brenda Lewis, Brenda Terry;  twins, boy and girl — Mrs. Linda Hill.

Deaths: Matilda Conrad, 85; James B. Ostrander, 85; Allen C. Kennaday, 66.

65 years ago

Nov. 17, 1954

Miss Marjorie McKinney has resigned from her position as County Home Demonstration agent on Dec. 31. She will take over the duties of Wayne County Home Demonstration agent. She has been here for the past six years.

Howard Steenbergen of Hammond has accepted a position as embalmer at the Beanblossom Funeral Home in Corydon. He and his wife and two daughters moved to Corydon on Monday.

Cecil F. Morgan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Morgan of Elizabeth, has enlisted in the Air Force and left Wednesday for Sampson Air Force Base in New York. Cecil also has two brothers in the service.

Mrs. Olin Grable won first prize in the cake contest of the Indiana State Grange 1954 Cake Baking Contest. She is a member of the Harrison Grange.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. George Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Timberlake; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Louis Eckart, Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Bube, Mr. and Mrs. James North, Mr. and Mrs. William Turley, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Belcher, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Housel, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Love, Mr. and Mrs. John Pease, Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Dyer, Lt. and Mrs. Jack McCullen; twins — Mr. and Mrs. Russell Flick.

Deaths: Charles Wheat, 58; Charlotte Carpenter, 62; Wilbur C. Mauck, 51; William H. Monihon, 72.

75 years ago

Nov. 22, 1944

Miss Dolly Smith returned to Indianapolis last Wednesday after spending several days helping care for her brother, Prosecuting Attorney V. Howard Smith, who was injured in an automobile crash.

Lee Lockhart is off from duty at the Keller Manufacturing Co. on account of an injury received recently while pushing a truck loaded with lumber.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. William Conrad, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Walls, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lundgren, Mr. and Mrs. James McClary, Mr and Mrs. Frank Cash; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Timberlake, Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Boland, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Voelker, Mr. and Mrs. William Daugherty, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoback.

Deaths: Oliver Louden, 80; Henry Denhart; Rena Troncin, 9-1/2 months; Mary Daily, 79; Alex Taylor, 76; Belle Holyoke, 66; David Danner.

100 years ago

Nov. 26, 1919

John Stauth recently sold his 40-acre farm west of Corydon to Leslie Bailey of Frankfort, Ky. He also sold 80 acres purchased off Spencer Wilson to James Watson.

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Winders of Borden will spend Thanksgiving at New Amsterdam with relatives. Mr. Winders is principal, and Mrs. Winders teaches domestic science and music at the high school at Borden.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Julius Russel; girls — none.

Deaths: Mrs. Elizabeth Buse, 78; Miss Nettie L. Glasgow, 13; Mrs. Annis Caddie Funk; Branson Turley, 41; Miss Anna Kraft, 13; Mrs. Nettie Gudgeon; Noel Glenn, 4; Andrew Getz, 60; Mrs. Stella I. Roberts.