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Lanesville to replace missing sign

Ordinance to amend town speed limits
Mike Arnold, Contributing Writer

The Lanesville Town Council voted to purchase a new sign, likely to be installed along S.R. 62 on its east side, at its monthly meeting last Tuesday.

Council president Herb Schneider said the town’s prior sign was torn down some time ago. Schneider contacted the original sign’s creator, Roger Harper, and learned Harper retained the design on his computer. Issues were encountered obtaining the same material from which the original sign was made; however, a suitable alternative was found.

The council approved purchase of the sign at a price of $350. The sign will be purple with white lettering, and the town will be responsible for constructing its frame, Schneider said.

“We just need to find out where to locate it,” he added.

The council also conducted the first reading of an ordinance to amend its uniform speed limits. The town roadways impacted are High Ridge Drive (20 mph) and Cottage Lane, Red Sky Drive, Twilight Court, Villa Road, Carriage Drive and Manor Drive (all 15 mph). The ordinance will be subject to a second reading at the council meeting, Dec. 9, and, if it passes, the limits will be adopted.

Resident Fred Rexroat previously contacted the council concerning a leaning wall near his property along Main Street. Rexroat was not at the meeting; however, the council reviewed pictures he submitted earlier that day. The council indicated it was not immediately apparent if maintenance of the wall was its duty, but agreed to look into it.

“I think we need to go take a look at it and see before we make any decisions,” councilman Austin Berg said.

Utility supervisor Matt Beckman gave an update about circumstances surrounding damage to a four-inch town water main on Lynnview by a utility trenching contractor. Beckman said the line was actually hit twice on Nov. 11 and resulted in suspension of service for four customers but was fixed the same day.

There was some subsequent disagreement between the utility contractor (Gehring Underground) and the town as to payment for the repairs. Beckman said they would wait to see a bill from Gehring before making a decision on how to address.

Beckman also reported to the council on:

  • Water loss for the month prior was 17%; as 1,235,000 of 1,483,000 gallons were consumed.
  • An alternator for the pump at the wastewater plant was repaired and recording of intake and outflow has begun. “The pumps are working good up there,” Beckman said.
  • The town’s salt spreader has been mounted and is ready for service.
  • Delivery of a new truck was postponed to January. In the meantime, new tires are necessary. Beckman presented bids from Van Winkle Service Center in Ramsey and Big ‘O’ and Trusty Tire, both of Cory-

don. The council voted to accept the low bid of $501 from Van Winkle Service Center.

Resident Mike Richmer also came before the council to discuss an adjustment due to a water leak at his property on Oct. 31. Richmer is a water-only customer and not connected to the town’s sewer system. He said he paid $134 to have the leaky pipe fixed and the repair was completed that same day. After discussing the matter, the council agreed to grant Richmer a water bill adjustment of $69.68, as that is the amount the water cost the town.

Schneider also reported that he had been working with Dave Derrick, of Derrick Engineering Inc., on preliminary plans for a sewer line extension on High Ridge. Schneider has provided Derrick with some drawings of the area where the pressure line would be located. Schneider stated tapping onto the line would not be required, but would be an option for those who may wish to.

“We have to make it available,” Councilwoman Linda Smith added.