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HC Election Board finalizes ballots from Nov. 5 election

HC Election Board finalizes ballots from Nov. 5 election HC Election Board finalizes ballots from Nov. 5 election
J.C. Lyell, Staff Writer, [email protected]

The Harrison County Election Board met Friday to count provisional ballots from the prior week’s election and rule on one complaint regarding the election process.

Board members Sherry Brown, Harrison County Circuit Court Clerk, a Republican who serves on the board by virtue of her office, and Susie Weigle, the board’s Democratic representative, were in attendance. Also voting on matters was Harrison County Republican Party Chairman Scott Fluhr, who appointed himself as Republican representative for the meeting in Maryland Austin’s absence. After the meeting, he reappointed Austin, who could not attend and had not named a proxy, to the position.

Two provisional ballots, one from a Corydon voter and one from a Palmyra voter, were considered.

The voter registration data for the Corydon voter indicated that the individual lives outside of the town limits; however, the property at the address listed on the registration was taxed by the town. With this in mind, the board unanimously voted to count the ballot.

The Palmyra voter also filled out a provisional ballot because the address given was determined to be out of the town limits by the voter registration system.

When filing a provisional ballot, the burden is placed on the citizen to present the board with evidence to prove their vote should count. In this case, the voter did not supply any further documentation after submitting the ballot.

“This is something where he should have provided additional information,” Weigle said.

In addition to this, the ballot was also left unsigned.

As a result, the board unanimously voted to not count the second provisional ballot.

The complaint filed about the election alleged that the Town of Palmyra was using its emergency notification system to send text messages to residents telling them to vote for a particular candidate.

Upon review, it was determined that the message submitted as evidence for the complaint was from an individual, and not from the town’s emergency system, so the board unanimously voted to dismiss the complaint.